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True Friendship - Class 5th Second Language English Textbook Solutions

 True Friendship 


C1 Answer the following questions.

1.    Where did Damon and Pythias live?

Ans : Damon and Pythias lived in the city of Syracause.

2.    Who was the ruler of Syracuse?

Ans : Dionysius was the ruler of Syracause.

3.    Why did the king want to punish Pythias?
Ans : Pythias called the king cruel and said some things against him, so he was to be punished.

4.    What did Pythias wish to fulfil before he died?
Ans : Before he died Pythias wished to arrange his sister’s marriage and bid his mother

5.    What was the condition laid down by the king?
Ans : King will fix the day and the hour of Pythias return. If he did not return in time, his
friend Doman will have to die instead of him.

6. Why was Pythias delayed while returning?

Ans : He had to face many dangerous and so he was delayed.

7.  What did both the friends argue over?

Ans : “Pythias – I have come, please do not kill Doman. I have come back to take the
punishment. Pleasae hang me.doman said “No please hang me. If he were to be late, then I
would have been hanged. So I am to be punished”. Both of them argued for some time.

8.  Why did the king set both of them free?
Ans : King had never seen such friendship. Pythias and Doman kept their promises. King
was happy to know that such friendship exists. So he set both free.

C2 Discuss with your friends the following questions and answer each of them in four to six sentences.

1. How do you know that Damon and Pythias were good friends? Give some examples from the story.

Ans : Pythias was punished. Before dying he wanted to fulfil some work. At this time Doman
offered to be in prison. At the last moment, he was happy to die for Pythias. This shows
that they were good friends.

2. What made the king change his decision at the end?
Ans : Seeing is believing when the king saw their loyalty to each other, he was impressed
and he changed his mind.

State whether the following statements are true or false. Write ‘T’ for correct and ‘F’
for incorrect sentences in the space provided. Correct and rewrite the incorrect
1.    Damon and Pythias were lovers of truth. True
2.    Dionysius was a kind ruler. False
3.    Damon wanted to settle his family affairs before he died. True
4.    The king was sure that Pythias would return. False
5.    Damon was ready to die for his friend. True
6.    Pythias reached in time to save his friend. True

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