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WORK & ECONOMIC LIFE - Class 10 Social Textbook Solutions



1.Division of labor leads to _______.


2.Workers without special training are called _________.

(Unorganized Workers)

3. Workers who have special training and expertise are called _______.
(Organized Workers)


1.What is Division of Labor?

Division of labour is the distribution of work according to the people’s interests, abilities, age, expertise, skills and gender is called.

2.What is ‘paid work’?
Work that provides wages, salary or any other material benefit is called ‘paid work’.

3.What is the meaning of ‘Unemployment’?
Unemployment means inability to get work in spite of proper age, ability and interest. 

4.What are the reasons for unemployment?

1. Overpopulation
2. Mechanization
3. Excessive division of labour
4. Social inequality
5. Insufficient capital
6. Illiteracy

5.What are the effects of unemployment?
1. Leads to poverty.
2. Leads to corruption.
3. Leads to disintegration of the family.
4. Leads to fraud and cheating.
5. Leads to ill-health.
6. Leads to robbery, prostitution.

 Answer the following questions.

1.Explain the nature of discrimination in labour.

1. Jobs offered to men & women are not equal.
2. Men are being given better jobs.
3. Higher responsibility is being given to men.
4. Women get lesser remuneration than men.
5. In an agrarian society, there is discrimination in the distribution of work.
6. There is also difference in wages.

2.What are the solutions to the problem of unemployment?

1. Population control.
2. Encouragement to cottage industries.
3. Agriculture sector is being developed.
4. Industrial development.
5. Educational reforms.
6. Five year plans.
7. Encourage to vocational education.
8. Rural development & employment guarantee programs.


1.What is labor?

If a person gets financial or material reward from the exercise of his energy, it is called labour.

2.An act performed to achieve a particular goal is called _________.


3. What is 'Special expertise'?

Achieving sufficient expertise, training and skill in any particular field is called 'Special expertise'.

4.How is division of labor helpful in making economic profit?
Division of labor is helpful for economic gain as people are allowed to work in different fields.
5.Economic interest and division of labor created _________
(class system)

6.How did the class system arise in modern times?
(Created by industrialization)

7.What is unpaid labour?
Actions that humans engage in, for mental satisfaction are called unpaid labour.

8.What is'Labour Discrimination'?
Inequality at work and in wages is called labour discrimination.

9.Labor differentiation in this sector is very rare in _________sector.
(Government sector)

10.Which Act has been passed by the Central Government to eliminate employment discrimination?
Equal Wages Act (1976)

11. In an agrarian society, on what basis is work done unequally?
(Based on gender, age, abilities)

12.Who are the unemployed?

Those who are willing to work, but are don’t have an opportunity, are called unemployed. 

13.Which sector in India has made the most progress recently and is employing more people?
(Information Technology Sector)

14.What are organized workers?
Workers, who are working in specific fields, which are governed by legal rules and regulations are called ‘Organized Workers’.

15.There is a hierarchy of authority in the _______ workplace sector.
(organized sector)

16. Give an example for organized workers.  
Insurance companies, educational institutions, banks, armed forces, private companies, government departments.

17.Whose all transactions of work are in written form?
(Jobs of Organized Workers)

18.Which sector of workers is not under government control?
(Unorganized Sector)

19.Among organized and unorganized workers, which sector is very vast?

(unorganized sector is very vast)

20.Give an example of unorganized workers.
Domestic servants, construction workers, agricultural labours, footpath hawkers, vehicle repairers, push-cart vegetable vendors.


1.Why do we need labour? OR what is the need for labour?

1. It is the integral part of our economic life.
2. Work is necessary to lead one’s life.
3.Through labour, we can meet our requirements.
4. It is very essential for human Development.

2.What are the effects of division of labor on human society?

1. It is helpful for people to get financial benefits.
2. This created a class system in the society.
3.Specialization is very important in industrialized society.
4. Industries have grown in number.
5. Business ventures have expanded.

3.Who are unorganized workers?
The workers,
1. Who are not subject to the control of any specific law or organization,
2. Engage in various trades
3. Receive daily wage or other form of financial reward

4.What are the problems facing by unorganized workers?

1. No fixed time for their work.
2. There is no set of rules or acts.
3. They are paid less.
4. No free medical facilities.
5. No job security. 6. No fixed salary.
7. No leave pay & pension.
8. Do not get any allowance.
9. Harassment by entrepreneur.

5. What is the difference between organized and unorganized workers?

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