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Results and Roses - Class 5th Second Language English Textbook Solutions

 Results and Roses

C1 Answer the following questions and share your answers with your partner. Then write.

1. What do these words from the poem refer to: fair, small, big?

Ans : The words Fair, small, big – rose garden

2. What does this poem mean?
Ans : Success can be achieved only through the hardwork.

3. What should the man (you) do to get beautiful roses?
Ans : The man who wants a beautiful garden of flowers with flowers blooming here and there must work hard whether it is a small or a big garden.

4. Who is the poet of this poem?

Ans : Edgar A. Guest

A1 Complete the sets of rhyming words. One has been done for you.

fair – there
big – dig
worth – earth
reposes – roses
attain – gain
seek – week

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