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Love for Animals - Class 5th Second Language English Textbook Solutions

 Love for Animals

V1 Give the opposites of the following words.
1.    more X less
2.    remember X forget
3.    always X never
4.    first X last
5.    soft X hard
6.    near X far


C1 Answer the following.

1 Answer the following.

1.    Where were Lucy and Nithin going?

Ans : Meghana and Nithin are returning home.

2.    What did they see?
Ans : They saw a man walking with his pet dog. He was trying to talk to his dog and the dog
seemed to be answering him by barking.

3.    Why were the animals attracted towards Maharshi?
Ans : Even animals were attracted to him. He spoke to them just as he would speak with

4.    Where did Ramana Maharshi keep the animals?
Ans : Animals lived in his ashram.

5.    What happened one day when he was sitting by the hillside?
Ans : A snake crawled over his legs. He didn’t move nor show any fear. Later, someone
asked him what he felt like when the snake crawled over his legs. He replied, “cool
and soft”.

6.    How did he feed the peacocks?
Ans : Ramana Maharshi called he peacocks by making sounds of their cries. Then they
would go to him and eat the peanuts.

7.    Why did Ramana Maharshi not allow anyone to kill snakes?
Ans : Ramana Maharshi never allowed people to kill snakes in his ashram. “He and we have
no right to trouble them. They do not trouble us”

8.    Who told stories to Lucy?
Ans : Her Grandmother

C2 Discuss with your friends and answer the following questions in four to six sentences each.

1. Describe Ramana Maharshi’s love for animals.

•    he always fed the animals and birds in the ashram first and then eat.
•    He used to call the dogs as ‘boys’
•    He used to call the peacocks by making sounds of their cries and feed them with his

2. hat did Ramana Maharshi say about killing of snakes ?

Ans : Ramana Maharshi said “we have come to their home and we have no right to trouble
them. They do not trouble us”

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