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Believe - Class 5th Second Language English Textbook Solutions


CI. Discuss with your partner and answer the following questions.

1. List at least five things, in which the poet wants us to believe.

Ans : Love, faith, strength, truth and courage.

2. In what should you believe to be good at heart?
Ans : Believe that everyone has the power to good at heart.

3. What makes everyone unique?

Ans : Who ever may be the person if they are talented in singing , dancing and culture they are unique.

4. What happens when you believe in ‘you’?
Ans : Belive in yourself anything is possible.


A1 Discuss in pairs and add three more items of your own.

1.    I believe in happiness
2.    I believe in honesty
3.    I believe in worship
4.    I believe in astrology

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