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WORK WHILE YOU WORK - Class 7th Third Language English Textbook Solutions


Pre-reading Activity :

Read the following lines and complete them: Your teacher will help you :
1.) Work while you work; play while you play
this is the way to be happy and gay.
2.) All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
A.) Comprehension :

I.) Answer the following in a sentence each:

1.) What is the right way to work?

Answer: The right way to work is by paying attention at one thing at one time.
2.) Why should things not be done by halves?
Answer: When things are done by halves then they are not done in right way.
II.) Answer the following in two or three sentences.

1.) What is the best way to do things in the right way?

Answer: The best way to do things in the right way is to do every work with strength and complete it.
III. Make a list of the rhyming words in the poem:
a.) Play and Way
b.) Mightand Right

IV.) Discuss in groups :
a.) Why should we not play always?

Answer: If we always spend time on playing then our home work and other work would be incomplete. It is important to have balance between play and work.
b.) What happens, if you work always?
Answer: If we work always then we would have no time for fun and enjoyment. Working all the time can be boring. With work it is important to give time for other things so that we can enjoy this life.
C.) Why do parents and teachers ask us to complete our work?

Answer: Parents and teachers ask us to complete our work because it makes us disciplined. They inculcate this good habit of completing the work so that we would be more attentive and sincere which would benefit for our future.
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