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THEY ALL CAME FIRST - Class 7th Third Language English Textbook Solutions

1.) What kind of friends does Harish have?

Answer: Harish has helpful friends who help him climb the stairs and takes him on their bicycle.
2.) Why doesn’t Harish feel that he has a problem with his legs?

Answer: Harish’s friends make him feel normal as any other child so he doesn’t feel that he has a problem with his legs.
A.) Comprehension:
I.) Answer the following questions :
1.) How many children took part in the race?

Answer: There were eight children who took part in the race.
2.) What happened to Reena?
Answer: Reena tripped and fell down.
3.) What did the children do when Reena cried?

Answer: When all the children heard Reena cried they turned back, went up to Reena and gently picked her up.
4.) How did the children run towards the winning post?
Answer: All the children held hands and started running towards the winning post. All of them reached the winning post together.
5.) Why did the crowd cheer them?
Answer: The crowd realized how helpful the participants with each other so they cheered them.
6.) What lesson did the grown-ups learn?
Answer: The grown-ups learned an important lesson of helping the needy in difficult times.
7.) Why do you say it was a different kind of race?

Answer: The race was different because all the participants were differently abled.
II.) Fill in the story pyramid with the help of your friend :
Main character in the story                 –           Reena
Number of participants in the race      –           Eight
Kind of participants in the race          –           Differently- abled
Those who watched the race              –           The grown-ups
Number of children who came first    –           All
B.) Writing
III.) Complete the story in your own words :

1.) There was a special race. Differently- abled children participated in it. All the eight  children came first.
IV.) Write four or five lines on how you will help a friend who is sitting next you, if she/he had problem in copying from the black-board.
Answer: I will help my friend by giving my copy of book. I will tell her to see in my note-book and copy from it or even I can lend her my note-book for one day.
IV.) Write four or five lines on how you will help a friend who is sitting next you, if she/he had problem in copying from the black-board.
1.) (b) Physically challenged
2.) (d) Hard of hearing
3.) (a) Speech impaired
4.) (c) Visually challenged
VI.) Arrange the following words in the alphabetical order:

1.) Ear
2.) Eye
3.) Head
4.) Lips
5.) Mouth
6.) Neck
7.) Nose
8.) Stomach
VIII.) Now develop the conversation by filling in the blanks:
Mathew : Hello! What are you writing?

Priya : I am writing a story.
Mathew : Oh! Can you write a story?
Priya : Yes, I can write a story.  It’s an interesting hobby.
Mathew : Which story are you writing?
Priya : I am writing the story of a visually challenged boy.
Mathew : Well, will you teach me how to write  a story?
Priya : Yes, I will teach you writing a story.
E.) Language in Use:
Fill in the blanks using the correct words given in brackets:

1) I am Rakesh. I am an Indian. (I,/You)
2) You and I are studying in the same class. We are classmates. (We/They)
3) Ramu is a singer. He sings very well. (He/ She)
4) Reshma is a dancer. She dances very well. (He/ She)
5) Shafi and Raju are good friends. They go to school daily. (We/They)
6.) I have a pencil box. It is very beautiful. (They/It)
X.) Read the following story: Use suitable pronouns for the underlined words:

Rama and Sita went to a forest. They saw a golden deer. Sita wanted that deer. She asked Rama to get it . Rama went behind it but, she was not able to get it.
F.) Reading skill:-
XI) Look at the following pictures and write at least one sentence about each of them in the space provided below:.

A visually challenged man is trying to cross the road. But somehow he is unable to do it. A kind boy comes and offers him help to cross the road. The man expresses his gratitude to the boy.
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