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THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF PLANTS - Class 8th Third Language English Textbook Solutions


A.) Answer the following questions in a sentence or two each.

1.) Where do most plants get food from?

Answer:  Most plants get water, salts and other things from the soil.

2.) When do plants make food ? (Sit in groups, discuss, and get the correct answer)
Answer: Plants mix all the things (water,salt and other things from the soil) in their leaves and prepare their food when the sun shines. This process is called photosynthesis.

3.) How does the pitcher-plant hunt bees?
Answer:  There are small hair-like things inside the jug-shaped leaves of pitcher- plant. At the bottom, there is a liquid. The smell of this liquid attracts bees. When a bee sits on the top and slips down the jug like leaf, the bee cannot climb up because the hair-like structure does not allow it to climb up and this is how the plant slowly eats up the bee.

4.) Why do butterflies come and sit on the hair-like parts of the sundew?
Answer: At the end of each of sundew’s leaves, there are hair-like parts which has tiny drop of a sticky liquid. It shines like a bead in the bright sun. It attracts butterflies.

B.) Answer the following questions in three or four sentences each.

1.) Describe the sundew.

Answer: The sundew looks like clubs. On each one of these leaves there are long hair-like parts drooping outwards. At the end of each of these hair-like parts is a tiny drop of a sticky liquid. It shines like a bead in the bright sun. It attracts butterflies. When a butterfly sits on these hair-like parts, its body gets stuck in the sticky liquid. These parts slowly close on the butterfly. Then the sundew eats up the butterfly.

2.) Why do some plants live on other living beings?
Answer: There are some plants which grow on poor soil and cannot make food for themselves, so they live on other living beings. Some of these plants catch insects and eat them.

3.) What is venus fly trap?
Answer: Venus fly trap is another plant which eats up insects. Its long leaves have two flaps at the top. These flaps can open and close. When a fly sits on a leaf, the flaps close and the poor fly is caught inside. The flaps close so hard that the fly is squeezed inside. When the flaps open we can see only the wings of the fly. The wind blows the wings away and the plant is ready for its next victim.
II) All of us have some habits. Some of them are good, some are not so good and some are bad. Ten common habits are given below. Classify them under three different heads. Discuss in groups and classify them.
III. Use the following in sentences of your own.

1.) eat up         –           She would eat up all the dessert all alone.
2.) get stuck    –           Anil got stuck in a difficult situation.
3.) close on      –           The car was closing on us.

1.) Make as many words you can using the letters in the following words.

a) wonderful – founder, flower, louder, down, older, world, worn, word, few, fed, led, won, wonder, low, now, ode, few, new.
b) outwards – draw, saw, out, ward, sad, words, worst, auto, road, word, rat, sat, sow
c) insect – nice, cites, sites, nests, ice, ten, sit, set, tin, tie
2.) Give one word for each of the following.

a) I fly but I am not a bird. I have a long tail but I am not an animal. People enjoy looking at me flying. who am I ?


b) I am always at the dining table. Dishes will not be tasty without me, but you use me very little. Who am I ?

c) I bring you variety of news every morning. You begin your day in my company. I live for only one day. Who am I ? 

d) Children love me and they run after me. I have colourful and attractive wings. I am a friend of flowers. Who am I ?


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