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THE SOLITARY REAPER - Class 7th First Language English Textbook Solutions

-William Wordsworth
C.) Reading, Speaking and Writing

Take turns with your partner to ask or answer these questions. Explain to him/her why you think your answer is correct. Quote from the poem if necessary. Write down your answers.
1.) Wordsworth saw a group of reapers at work. (True/ Not True)

Answer: Not true.
2.) In this poem the poet speaks to his companion/to himself. (Underline the correct answer

Answer: In the poem the poet speaks to himself.
3.)The poet saw some bundles of grain in the field. (True/Not True)

Answer: True.
4.) The reaper’s voice was resonant and sonorous. (True/ Not True)

Answer: Not ture.
5.) The reaper’s song was joyous. (True/Not True) Scan the poem and find three adjectives to support your answer.

Answer: Not true. The song was old, unhappy, it was natural sorrow and regarding loss or pain.
6.) What welcomes travellers in the deserts of Arabia?
Answer: The chaunts of nightingale is more welcome notes for travellers.
7.) When do birds sing in the deserts?
Answer: Bird sings in dessert in spring time.
8.) Can you imagine the “silence of the seas”? Explain this beautiful expression to your partner.

Answer: Yes, I can imagine the “silence of the seas” which means there is no activity of disturbance in the sea. No ships, no storm, nothing.
9.) What breaks the silence of the seas?

Answer: The voice of cuckoo-bird breaks the silence of the seas in spring-time.
10.) There are five words in the poem that are related to music. Scan the poem and find them.
Answer: Strain, chaunt, notes, numbers, theme.
11.) The poet wonders what the theme of the maiden’s song could be. What does he say about this?
Answer: The poet doesn’t know the language but he tries to guess that what is the theme of the maiden’s song could be and his guesses are the theme could be about her old, unhappy, far-off things or battle she fought long ago. Or it could be the natural sorrow, loss or pain.
12.) What was the effect of the song on the poet?
Answer: A poet doesn’t understand the language but still a poet is curious about the theme of the song still he finds the voice thrilling and it was never heard by poet before. The poet listens that song like it never ending song and he listened motionless and still. Long after the music was not heard by poet.
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