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THE SHEPHERD BOY AND THE WOLF - Class 8th Third Language English Textbook Solutions

– Aesop
 Answer the following questions.

1.) Where did the monkey live?

Answer: The monkey lived in the forest.

2.) How did it make fun of others?

Answer: It used to tell lies and made fun of others.

3.) What did the monkey tell the bear?
Answer: The monkey told the bear not to go that way as there was a big snake.

4.) Who taught a lesson to the monkey?

Answer:  A big snake taught a lesson to the monkey.

A.) Answer the following questions.

1.) Where was the shepherd boy?

Answer: The shepherd boy was beside a stream.

2.) What did the shepherd boy use to do?
Answer: The shepherd used to tell lies and make fun of the people. He used to scream the wolf to call people.

3.) What did he do when the villagers appeared?
Answer: When the villagers appeared upon his scream, he used to laugh at them.

4.) Who are silly eared?
Answer: The people are silly eared who would go when they heard the shepherd’s scream.

5.) What did he do when a wolf really came?
Answer: When a wolf really came, the shepherd screamed out of fear.

6.) Why did the villagers not come to his help?
Answer: The villagers didn’t come to help because they thought the shepherd was as usual screaming in fake manner and making fun of them.

7.) Who had a jolly feast?
Answer: The wolf had a jolly feast.

8.) What do you learn from this poem?
Answer: We should never life and make fun of people. We should always speak the truth.
B.) Write the poem in the form of the a story in your own words with the help of the following outlines (Discuss and do).
1) Once a shepherd boy was asked to look after the sheep by the side of a stream. He told to cry ‘wolf’ if he saw one wolf. One day he shouted wolf! it was a joke. The villagers rushed to his help but they found no wolf there. The boy laughed and enjoyed. He made fun of them. Villagers became angry. At last wolf really came. The boy shouted ‘wolf’ but the villagers took no notice. The wolf killed several sheep because of the shepherd’s fake scream experience, no one believed in shepherd’s truth. No one believes a liar. Speak truth always.
C.) Match the following rhyming words .
Stream             –           scream
Eared               –           appeared
Steep               –           sheep
Feast                –           Beast
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