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The Noble Nature - Class 10th Third Language English Textbook Solutions

The Noble Nature 

I.) Comprehension questions :

A.) Answer the following questions:

1.) What does ‘It’ refer to in the poem?

Answer: ‘It’ refers to the man’s life in the poem.

2.) What is the life span of an oak tree?
Answer: The life span of an oak tree is three hundred years.

3.) What does the poet say about the tree?

Answer: The poet says that the tree stands long and tall for many years.

4.) When does the lily look more beautiful?
Answer: The lily looks more beautiful in the month of May.

5.) Why is the lily called “the plant and flower of light?’’
Answer: The life span of lily is for short period, but it spreads light and happiness.

6.) According to the poet, when is life seen in perfection?
Answer: According to the poet, life is seen in perfection when we spread happiness and do well for others.

B.) Discuss in the class and answer the following questions:

1.) Do you like this poem? Give reasons.

Answer: Yes, I like this poem. The poem tells us to be good and noble in our life. Though we humans don’t live for longer period of time but we should be like a lily. Lily which has short span but spreads its beauty and happiness to others who see it.

2.) What do you learn from this poem?
Answer: We learn to be noble and good. Our lives on this earth for limited period but in that time we should strive to be the best. We should always do noble things to others and give others happiness.

C.) Write the summary of the poem. You can use the clues.
What makes a man noble. Poet compares an oak and a lily. An oak grows bulky and is strong. It lives for long period of time. Though the oak tree is huge, it soon becomes ‘dry’ and withers. This shows that material well being doesn’t last for long. The lily blooms in the month of May. Although the flower lives for a shorter period of time, it spreads beauty and delight to others. According to the poet, life shouldn’t be long but it should be meaningful. It doesn’t matter how long you have lived but what
matters is how we have lived our life. We should be like lily by making our life noble and in this way our lives can be perfect.

D.) Fill in the blanks with correct rhyming words from the poem. Then add one rhyming word of your own. If you need any help ask your teacher.

1.) night           –           light, might, delight
2.) year            –           sere, near, fear
3.) be               –           see, bee, fee
4.) day             –          may, delay , gay

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