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THE CONVERGENCE OF THE TWAIN - Class 7th First Language English Textbook Solutions

– Thomas Hardy
C.) Come, let us talk about this poem.

Take turns with your partner to ask or answer the questions given below. Explain to him or her why you think your answer is correct. Quote from the poem if necessary. Write down your answers.
1.) In the first three lines the poet speaks of two things. What are they?

Answer: In the first three lines the poet speaks about the ship and the iceberg.
2.) The poet uses the word “grew” twice. What does he mean in each case?
Answer: The grew word used in the first line, “And as the smart ship grew” the poet is saying that the ship is growing or here the meaning is being formed or building up. In another line, “In shadowy silent distance grew the iceberg too.” Here poet is saying that far away, in long distance the iceberg is also being formed and it was taking shape.
3) What does he say about the ship’s qualities?
Answer: Poet says that the ship has qualities like the ship is smart in stature and constructed with grace and hue.
4.) What is mysterious and fearful? What phrase expresses this idea?

Answer: The shadowy silent distance is the mysterious and fearful expression expressed in line “In shadowy silent distance grew the iceberg too.”
5.) In what way are the ship and the iceberg “alien”? Explain.
Answer: The iceberg is big mass of ice and the ship is container of passengers, they both are unknown for each other and in thus the ship and the iceberg are “alien’.
6.) When you are playing with a top, you spin it and make it spin on the floor. The force of spinning also makes it go round and round in a circle. Now, our earth also does the same. It goes round and round the sun, spinning. So, who is “the Spinner of the years” :-

a.) the earth? b. the sun? c. the Almighty? d. the fate?
Answer: The Spinner of the years isthe sun.
7.) Two things became historical facts in navigation. What were they?
Answer: The Titanic ship and the Iceberg became historical facts in navigation.
8.) The Atlantic Ocean is vast. Theiceberg and the ship are mere specks in it. 
Yet, one obstacles the other in its course. There was a head-on collision. This was the august event. (Supply the missing words)
9) The iceberg and the ship were alien. They were like the two hemispheres. Explain what this means.
Answer: At the place the ship was built there was no ice in that hemisphere and in another hemisphere there was iceberg. There was no chance of meeting both things before starting voyage. And thus they were alien for each other, hence the poet says that they were like two hemispheres.
10.) The event that brought death and destruction was like play to someone. Which two lines say so?
Answer: Those lines are, “Said “Now!” And each one hears, And consummation comes, and jars two hemispheres.”
11.) Consider the words – ‘‘……And each one hears …..” This means there were two/three/many who heard. (underline the correct word)
Answer: “Many And each one hears…”
12.) Consider the word “consummation”. At what point of time in the short life of the ship was the consummation?
a.) When the ship stood in the dock in all its glory.
b.) When it began to leave and the passengers on the deck were cheered by the people on the ground.
c.) When it reached its maximum speed in the open sea.
d.) None of the above.
Answer: None of the above.
13.) In describing the collision the poet has used three phrases and one word. Scan the poem and find them.
Answer: Following words are used to describe collision
1.    Paths coincident
2.    Twin halves
3.    Consummation
4.    Jar two hemispheres

Write a short summary of the poem in your own words.

Answer: The smart ship is being built with stature, grace and hue the iceberg is also taking shape far away. Both, ship and iceberg are totally different like Alien to each other and when they came together it became history. It was a coincident that their paths are bent towards each other and one day it happened, the ship and the iceberg came together and consummation took place and the incident happened.
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