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SILVER - Class 8th Third Language English Textbook Solutions

– Walter De la Mare

A.) Answer the following questions in a sentences each.

1.) What time of the day is described in the poem?

Answer: Night is described in the poem.

2.) How is the moon described?
Answer: The moon enters slowly and silently in the night with its silver shoes.

3.) What is the major colour referred to in the poem?
Answer: Silver is the major colour referred to in the poem.

4.) Why has the poet used the colour?
Answer: Silver is a bright color and adds beauty in the creatures of the nature.

5.) Why do trees and fruits appear silvery?
Answer: The silver color of the moon shines brightly on the trees and fruits so it appear silvery.

6.) ‘One by one the casements catch’, why do the windows catch the moon one by one ? (sit in groups, discuss and then answer the question)
Answer: The windows catch the moon one by one because the moon is casting down its light slowly and silently.

7.) Why is the dog compared to a log?
Answer: The dog is compared to a log because it is sleeping without moving.

8.) What is the meaning of ‘silver feathered sleep’?
Answer: It means that the moon light is reflecting on the dove’s feathers.

9.) What makes everything in the poem look silvery?
Answer: Everything looks silvery because the moon’s bright color falls on everything and make it appear silvery.

10.) Why is the fish moveless?
Answer: The fish is moveless because it cannot move in the gleamy water.
2.) Moon and shoon rhyme with each other. Write these rhyming pairs of words. Add one more pair to each

by-eye; my-high.
Sees – trees- fees – bees
Catch – hatch – latch- match
Log- dog- blog- fog
Peep – sleep – deep – sweep
Gleam – stream – cream- scream

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