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SANDALWOOD TREES - Class 8th Third Language English Textbook Solutions


A.) Add ‘un’ ‘in’ ‘dis’ ‘il’ ‘im’ to form the opposites of the following words:
B.) Underline the two words which have the same or nearly the same meaning:

1.) legal x illegal
2.) comfort x discomfort
3.) curable x incurable
4.) steady x unsteady
5.) possible x impossible
C.) Write the other genders:
Follow the example: man _ woman
1.) father –    mother
2.) uncle –   aunt/aunty
3.) sir –   madam/ma’am
4.) headmaster – headmistress
5.) husband –   wife

A.) Answer the following questions in a word, a phrase or a sentence each:

1.) Where did Sunanda live?

Answer: Sunanda lived near Karimunai village in the Eastern Ghats.
2.) Who looked after Sunanda when she lost her parents?
Answer: Raogaru, the headmaster of the village school and his wife looked after Sunanda when she lost her parents
3.) Why are trees cut down by man?

Answer: Man cuts down trees for many reasons, like for industrial development, paper, furniture,etc.
4.) What did Sunanda hear in the forest at night?
Answer: Sunanda heard a low whirring noise at night. She heard men talking to one another.
5.) Why did Sundanda have to go to Ootacamund?
Answer: There was the police headquarters at Ootacamund and there Sunanda was called to tell about Mudalair’s sandalwood racket.
6.) Where did Raogaru want to admit Sunanda?
Answer: Raogaru wanted to admit Sunanda at the National School for the Blind.
B.) Answer the following questions in two to three sentences each:

1.) How did Sunanda lose her eye-sight?

Answer: When Sunanda was thirteen years old she lost her eye-sight in an explosion. A stone hit Sunanda’s head.
2.) What was happening in the forest?
Answer: There were some men who were talking to one another in the forest. They were cutting the sandalwood tree illegally and selling it.
3.) How was Sunanda rewarded by the police department?
Answer: When Sunanda got to know that it was Mudaliar behind the sandalwood racket, she informed this to her uncle. Her uncle took this matter to the police headquarters. Sunanda had helped the police department to unravel the sandalwood racket and this is why she was rewarded with money.
C) Read the following extracts and answer the questions that follow:

1.) “I’m so different from the other girls now”

a.) Who said this ?

Answer: Sunanda said this.
b.) Why is the speaker different ?
Answer: Sunanada has lost her eye-sight this is why she is different.
c.) When was it said?
Answer: When Sunanda’s uncle, Raogaru wanted her to send back to her school then she said that she was different from other girls.
2.) “He says no one can break a single twig”

A.) Who does ‘he’ refer to?
Answer: ’He’ refers to the head constable Mudaliar.
b.) To whom was this said?
Answer: This was said to Sunanda.
c.) Why did ‘he’ say so?
Answer: ‘He’ said so because Sunanda had informed Raogaru that sandalwood trees were cut.

A.) Make nouns from the words given below by adding –ness or–ity, {for some words we need to add just -ty-or-y }-

1.) honest        –           Honesty
2.) equal          –           Equality
3.) active         –           Activity
4.) weak          –           Weakness
5.) able          –           Ability
B.) Use of ‘one another’ and each other’:
When we speak of more than two persons or things we should use the phrase ‘one another’. The phrase ‘each other’ is used when we speak of two persons or things. Fill in the blanks appropriately with ‘one another’ and ‘each other’:

3.) The books are distributed among one another
Ramu and Somu took care of each other
1.) The brothers had a strange dislike for each other.
2.) True religion teaches us to love one other.
3.) Karna and Arjuna hated each other.
4.) We must always help one other.
Now, discuss with your partner. Fill in the blank with the most ap¬propriate words from the given below.
1.) a fleet of ships                                           5. a collection of stamps
2.) a library of books                                      6. a bunch of keys
3.) a shower ofrain                                         7. a pair of shoes
4.) a team of players                                       8. a heap of stones

D.) Choose the correct word given in the bracket to complete each sentence:
1.) Anand, can you see yourself (yourself, himself) ?
2.) Alice and her (her, she) friend danced together
3.) These (these, this ) are teachers of our school
4.) Which (who, which ) of the girls is Amala?
5.) That (they, that) is your book
6.) That car belongs to them.(them, they )
E.) Use suitable question words and complete the following sentences:

1.) When is your birthday ? How old are you ?
2.) Who are you ?What do you want ?
3.) Where is your house?
4.) Where are you going? With whom are you going ?
5.) Whose pen is this ?
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