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NINE GOLD MEDALS - Class 9th Third Language English Textbook Solutions

– David Roth

C1.) Answer the following questions in one or two sentences each :
1.) Why was training given for months to the athletes?

Answer: Training given for months to the athletes to come in the Olympics games and win gold, silver and bronze.
2.) What was the distance the athletes had to run?

Answer: The distance the athletes had to run is hundred-yard.
3.) What happened to the smallest boy while running?

Answer: The smallest boy stumbled and staggered and fall on the runway.
4.) Why did the runners run back?
Answer: Runners run back to brought the young boy to his feet.
5.) Who won the race? Why?
Answer: All the nine runners won the race because all of them joined hands and continued to walk and cross the finish line.
6.) Why do you think the banner read ‘Special Olympics’?

Answer: The banner read is ‘Special Olympics’ because this Olympic game was for differently abled people having issue in walking.
8.) Why were the medals given to all?
Answer: All of them shown empathy to a small boy who fall and cross the finish line together hence the medals are given to all.
C2.) Answer the following questions in three or four sentences each :
1.) Write a summary of the poem ‘Nine Gold Medals’ in about 10-15 lines.

Answer: The poem is about paralympic where differently abled athlete come from all over the country to win gold, silver and bronze medals. These athletes are trained for years to participate and with this game. The participants stands in line to run the hundred yard and poised for the sound of the gun. When the pistol is fired all the runners started running towards finish line but the small boy among them stumbled and staggered and fall on the runway. He cried with frustration. His efforts and dreams are wasted in to dust. At the time one from other eight run back to help the boy to stand and another one also thus all the eight athletes helped the boy to stand on his feet. And then all the nine runners joined hands with each other and walked to the finish line and all of them crossed the finish line together and thus all of them won together. Thus, the race is ended with nine gold medals. When they crossed the finish line their face was beaming.
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