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MEADOW SURPRISES - Class 7th First Language English Textbook Solutions

– Lois Brandt Philips
C.) Speaking and Writing

Come, let us talk about this poem. Take turns with your partner to ask or answer these questions. Explain why you think your answer is correct. Quote from the poem when necessary. Write down your answers.
1.) Meadows hide secrets. (True/Not True)

Answer: True.
2.) The grass in this meadow has grown tall. (True/Not True)
Answer: True.
3.) What does the poet mean by the words “velvet grass”?
Answer: In the meadows the grass is very soft like velvet hence the poet means the grass in the meadow is as soft as velvet.
4.) What do butterflies do when they flutter down and sit on flowers?
Answer: Butterflies unfold their drinking straws to sip nectar from the flower when they flutter down and sit on flowers.
5.) What is a buttercup?
Answer: Buttercup is a type of flower. The colour of this flower is yellow.
6.) Why did the rabbit hop?
Answer: The rabbit will hop when you will reach close to it unknowingly and thus you will see the rabbit.
7.) Imagine you are sitting by a brook. Write two or three sentences about the sounds you hear.
Answer: I will hear the sound of water and the sound of air.
8.) What are meadow-houses?
Answer: The burrows under the ground and the nest beneath the grasses and the mound of ant are the meadow houses.
9.) What is a dandelion?
Answer: Dandelion is plant with yellow round flower, when the flower dries it becomes light and flies away with a blow of a wind.
10.) How does a meadow tell its secrets? (stanza 6)
Answer: If we discover ourselves then meadow will tell us many things. We have to look and listen well to know the secrets.
D.) Writing

Read carefully the two paragraphs given below. Supply the words that are not given.
Last week was an eventful week. We went to a Safari Park last week. Riding through it, we saw a tiger lazing in the zoo. We t hen went to apes. There, even as we were looking at it, a peacock spread its feathers and danced.
My friend Neeta came back from Brookfield in the U.S. She said she actually watched a grizzly bear. So, we had some exciting moments last week.
But my most exciting moment was when I was walking across a meadow. The land was flat, but suddenly a rabbit hopped up as if from nowhere. It looked like magic . I went near to explore. The rabbit had dug a burrow in the meadow and made a house for himself and his family.
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