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HOMES - Class 7th Third Language English Textbook Solutions

A.) Comprehension

I.) Answer the following questions:
1.) Make a list of the names of animals you find in the poem.

Answer: Following is a list of names of animals in the poem:
1.) Snail
2.) Whale
3.) Rabbit
4.) Dog
5.) Frog
2.) Complete the following statements.
a.) If the poet had been a snail, she/he would have lived inside a shell.
b.) If she/he were a little bird, she/he would live inside a nest.
c.) If the poet had been born a bee, she/he would have lived in ahive.
d.) If you were a tree, you wouldlive in big garden and bear many fruits.
e.) If you had been a cloud, you would have wander everywhere and enjoy.
II.) Identify the rhyming words from the poem for each of the words given below and then add a word of your own. One example is given.

1) snail :           whale – tale
2) sea :             bee – tea
3) dog :            frog – log
4) nest :           best – rest
5) bird:            nerd – herd

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