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FRIENDSHIP – Harmony Davis - Class 9th Third Language English Textbook Solutions

FRIENDSHIP – Harmony Davis
C1.) Answer the following questions in one or two sentences each :
1.) How do friends help us in need?

Answer: Friends helps to heal the wounds and pull out a friend from saddened tunes. Friends brighten up cloudy skies and also clear fictitious fears.
2.) What for do you think the friends are there with open arms?

Answer: The friends are there with open arms to comfort you and block the harms.
3.) When are friends present with us? Why?
Answer: Friends are present with us to keep secrets hidden and to entertain when you want to play.
4.) How do friends block the harms?

Answer: Friends block the harms by opening arms.
5.) What do you mean by ‘brighten up your cloudy skies’?
Answer: ‘brighten up your cloudy skies’ means clearing all worries by talking or providing any kind of help. Here ‘cloud’ is used as metaphor for worries.
C2.) Answer the following questions in three or four sentences each :
1.) “Life seems to be easy and full of fun when friends are around.” Explain.

Answer: Friends understand each other very well and if the friend is sad they make him laugh and help in bad times hence “Life seems to be easy and full of fun when friends are around.
2.) Write the summary of the poem in 10-15 lines.
Answer: Friends are the people we choose and friends always help each other in different form. In first stanza poet says, friends help to heal the wounds and if friend found sad they help to clear clouds of worries and fictitious fear by talking and sharing the sadness. In second stanza poet says that friends are always there with open arms and friends keep secrets and block harms by comforting, entertaining and playing. In third stanza poet says, friends always witness the smile or tear and happiness or fear thus friend be with us in good and bad times. Friends make moments funny and make each other laugh hence with friends we forget most of our sadness and thus friends stay forever with you.
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