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Food where does it come from? CBSE class 6 Science Notes

 Food: Where Does It Come From?

We eat different kinds of food at different times.

In the morning, we include milk, bread, fruit etc. in our breakfast.

We include chapati, dal, sabji, rice and salad in our lunch and dinner.

Each time we eat different food items which contain different ingredients.

All plants are not edible. Some plants may be poisonous and hence not fit for eating.
When the seeds begin to grow, they develop tiny roots and are called sprouts.
Sprouts are rich in vitamin A, B and C.
Figure Plant-parts-as-food.

Honeybees collect nectar from flowers and convert it into honey.
Bees store honey in beehives called honeycombs.
Honey is collected from honeycombs.

What Do Animals Eat?
Animals cannot produce their own food. So, they depend on plants and other animals to obtain their food.
Based on eating habits, animals can be divided into three categories:

Special characteristics of Herbivores
Herbivores like a cow, horse, and goat have wide, blunt teeth which are suitable for pulling plants off the ground and grinding them.
Herbivores like cow and camel have the ability to bring back previously swallowed food to the mouth for chewing it the second time. This helps them to absorb most of the nutrients from hard-to-digest food like grass.
Squirrels have a pair of broad, sharp-edged front teeth (incisors) in each jaw They use these teeth to gnaw food items like nuts.
Butterfly and hummingbird do not need to worry about chewing their food. They have mouth parts shaped like a straw to suck nectar from flowers.

Special Characteristics of Carnivores
The diet of carnivores is rich in fats and proteins
Carnivores animals like lion and tiger have sharp and pointed front teeth (canines). They also have sharp claws and powerful jaws which help them to tear flesh.
Carnivorous birds like eagle have curved, pointed beaks that allow them to tear flesh.
Carnivores like chameleon and frog have a long, sticky tongue that they use to catch insects.
Carnivorous fish like a shark has several small, sharp teeth that help them bite off chunks of flesh.
Carnivores such as snakes swallow their prey( prey are animal that is hunted or killed for food) whole.

Special Characteristics of Omnivores
Omnivores like a bear and human beings have different types of teeth that help them to eat both plants and the flesh of other animals.
Omnivorous birds like crow have a sharp and pointed beak to help them eat a
variety of food.

Why do we need Food
We know that all living things be it plants, and animals need food and water to live on.
We need food because food gives us energy.
The food we eat gives our body essential nutrients to help us grow and heal when we are injured or are ill.
Thus, food keeps us healthy and provides us with essential nutrients to fight diseases and maintain body functions.
Food is a substance eaten by us to do work, growth, maintain our body and remain healthy.
Food Definition: It refers to the edible substances consumed by humans and other animals in order to obtain energy for various tasks as well as growth and development.
We must NEVER WASTE food in any way.
We must consume food four times a day to remain healthy -> Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Snacks, Dinner.
Importance Of Food
The importance of food for living organisms is as follows:
a. It helps in the growth of living organisms.
b. It also helps to repair and replace damaged parts of the body.
c. This provides the energy required for various activities.
d. It provides protection from infections and various diseases.
e. It helps in the overall growth and development of an organism.
We must eat different kinds of food at different times for proper Nutrition.
Different people eat different types of food according to their habits, lifestyle, taste, region, religion, availability and various other factors.
Even in a single-family different people have different choices of food.

What are ingredients?
Food Ingredients are the materials required to prepare the dish we consume as food.
Food Ingredients can be obtained from plant sources and animal sources.
To prepare food we need different kinds of ingredients for example - To cook vegetable curry we need different types of vegetables, salt, spices oil and so on. Another example is to prepare vegetable curry, we need different kinds of vegetables, salt, spices, oil.
Food is prepared using various

Ingredients of food.
The table given below shows some food items and major ingredients used to prepare them

Scavengers and Decomposers:
Scavengers are birds and animals which eat the flesh of other dead animals. Eg: Vulture.
Decomposers are organisms that feed on and destroy (or decompose) dead plants and animals. E.g.: Fungi and bacteria
Both scavengers and decomposers play a very important role in cleaning the environment. Without them, our planet would be covered with dead plants and animals.

Important Questions
Multiple Choice Questions:
1. How to avoid wastage of food?
A. We should buy a lot of fruits and vegetables
B. We should cooked extra food
C. Storage of food should be done properly
D. None of these

2. In our country, people do not have enough food to eat, what should be our duty ?
A. We should grow more food
B. The food that we produce should not get spoilt or eaten away by animals
C. Each of us should make sure not to waste food
D. All of these 

3. A small white structure may have grown out of seeds is called:
A. Roots
B. Sprouts
C. Seeds
D. None of these

4. Bees collect nectar from:
A. Vegetable
B. Fruits
C. Flower
D. None of these

5. Bees store nectar for their use all through the:
A. Day
B. Month
C. Week
D. Year

6. What are the ingredients of kheer?
A. Milk, rice, sugar
B. Ghee, water, spices
C. Rice, dal, water, salt
D. None of these 

7. Camel milk is used in:
A. Bengal
B. Rajasthan
C. Delhi
D. Chennai

8. Eggs are the rich source of:
A. Vitamins
B. Fats
C. Proteins
D. Carbohydrates

9. Honeybees collect the nectar from flowers and prepare honey in their nests called:
A. Honey
B. Flower
C. Plants
D. Beehives

10. Fruits are:
A. Juicy
B. Tasty
C. Delicious
D. All of these

11. The milk producing animals are called:
A. Wild animals
B. Pet animals
C. Much animals
D. None of these

12. Sugar is obtained from:
A. Banana
B. Sugarcane
C. Carrot
D. Mango

13. Parrot eats only product.
A. Plants
B. Animals
C. Both and (b)
D. None of these

14. Is a food eaten at a particular time of the day.
A. Meat
B. Meal
C. Fruit
D. Vegetable

15. Sweet juice is known as:
A. Nectar
B. Pallen
C. Both and (b)
D. None of these

Very Short:
1. Give two examples where two or more parts of a single plant are used as food.
2. Name any one plant that grows in water and is eaten as food.
3. Suggest any three ways you can think of to avoid wastage of food.
4. Name two sugar producing plants.
5. Name a non-green plant that we eat.
6. What do you call the habit of an individual to eat a particular type of food items commonly?
7. Compare your food habits with food habits of your friend who lives in Tamil Nadu.
8. What items are used to prepare cooked rice?
Short Questions:
1. What is food?
2. Why should we eat cooked food? 
3. Explain the importance of food for living organisms.
4. Explain the various sources of food items and ingredients with the help of examples.
5. Define the term herbivores. 
6. What are carnivores? Explain with examples.
7. Define the term omnivores.

Long Questions:
1. Differentiate between herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. Give two examples of each.
2. (i) Name the different parts of a banana plant that are used as food.
(ii) Animal food we get from water resources.
(iii) Four fruits which we eat as vegetables.
3. Explain different mode of nutrition in animals.
Answer Key

Multiple Choice Questions:
1. Storage of food should be done properly
Explanation: By storage of fruits should be done properly to avoid wastage of food.

2. All of these
Explanation: Our duty is that grow more food, should not get spoilt or eaten away by animals and not to waste food.

3. Sprouts
Explanation: A small white structure may have grown out of seeds is sprouts.

4. Flowers
Explanation: Bees collect nectar from flowers.

5. Year
Explanation: Bees store nectar for their use all through the year.

6. Milk, rice, sugar
Explanation: Milk, rice and sugar are the ingredients of kheer.

7. Rajasthan
Explanation: Camel milk is used in Rajasthan.

8. Proteins
Explanation: Eggs are the rich sources of proteins.

9. Beehives
Explanation: Honeybees nests is called beehives.

10. Juicy
Explanation: Fruits are juicy.

11. Much animals
Explanation: The milk producing animals are called milch animals.

12. Sugarcane
Explanation: Sugar is obtained from sugarcane.

13. Plants
Explanation: Parrot eats only plants product.

14. Meal
Explanation: Meal is a food eaten at a particular time of the day.

15. Nectar
Explanation: Sweet juice is known as nectar.

Very Short Answer:
1. Answer: Mustard - seeds and leaves, Pumpkin - fruit and flowers.

2. Answer: Lotus - Stem of lotus is eaten as food.

3. Answer:
i. Avoid leaving food uneaten in meals.
ii. “Eat to live” and not “live to eat” - excess eating should be avoided.
iii. Raw food like pulses, grains should be stored properly.
4. Answer:
a. Sugarcane 
b. Sugar b

5. Answer: Mushroom.

6. Answer: Food habit.

7. Answer: My food habit: Chapatti, pulses, lassi, rice, vegetables, mustard oil.
Food habit of my friend: Idli, dosa, sambhar, bara, rasam, upma and coconut oil, etc.

8. Answer: Raw rice and water.
Short Answer:
1. Answer: The eatable substances eaten by humans and other animals to get energy for various activities for growth and development is called food.
2. Answer: We should eat cooked food because by cooking we can kill harmful germs and make it germless. Cooked food can be easily digested and absorbed by our body. Cooking also improves the taste of food.
3. Answer:
Importance of food is:
i. It provides energy to do various activities.
ii. It helps in growth.
iii. It helps to repair and replace damaged parts of the body.
iv. It protects us from infections and diseases.
4. Answer:
There are mainly two sources of ingredients of various food items:
i. Plants: Plants provide us fruits, vegetables, pulses, grains, cereals, etc.
ii. Animals: Animals provide us milk, eggs, meat etc.
5. Answer: The animals which eat only plants or plant products are called herbivores. For example, cow, goat and buffalo.
6. Answer: The-animals which eat other animals are called carnivores. For example, lion and tiger. Carnivores generally eat herbivores and other carnivores.
7. Answer: The animals which eat both the plants and animals are called omnivores. For example, cat, dog and human beings.
Long Answer:
2. Answer:
i. Flower, fruit and stem of banana.
ii. Fish, prawn, lobstar and crabes.
iii. Fruits of tomato, brinjal, Ladyfinger (bhindi), cucumber (Loki).

3. Answer: Different animals have different feeding habit. Some eat green plans and plant products and are called herbivores like cow and deer. Some feed on flesh of other animals and are called carnivores. Like lion. Some animals eat both plants and animals and are called omnivores, like humans, rat etc.

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