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Faithful Friends - Class 10th Third Language English Textbook Solutions

 Faithful Friends

I.) Comprehension:

A.) Answer the following questions briefly:

1.) Who cannot be your faithful friend?

Answer: One who praises us on our face but is not there in our misery, is someone who cannot be our faithful friend.

2.) When will everyone be your friend?
Answer: When you have wealth, then everyone will be our friend.

3.) What will faithless friends do when you lose your wealth?
Answer: When we lose our wealth, faithless friends won’t supply.

4.) What will one call you when you are prodigal?
Answer: One will call you bountiful when you are prodigal.

5.) What will such friends do if you are inclined to vice?
Answer: If you are inclined to vice, faithless friends would tempt us to do devil.

6.) Will faithless friends be with you when you part with your fortune? 
Answer: No, faithless won’t be with you when you part with your fortune. 
B.) Answer the following questions:

1.) How can you test the faithfulness of your friend?

Answer: When we are difficult times, we can identify who are our real friends. In such times, if our friends are there for us then they are true friends. But those who leave us without supporting us are the fake or faithless friends.

2.) Who, according to the poet can be a faithful friend?
Answer: According to the poet, a faithful friend is one who stands by us in our misery. One who supports us in our bad times is a real and faithful friend.

3.) Sketch the characteristics of a faithful friend.
Answer:  A faithful friend is the one is our misery. He/she is someone who stands by us in difficult times. He/she supports in every situation.

4.) Write the summary of the poem “Faithful Friends”
Answer: The poem “Faithful Friends” focus on the fact that how a faithful should be. According to the poet, a faithful friend is one who stands by us in the times of misery. Someone who supports us. The poet also tells us that if we have wealth then we will have many friends but we lose our wealth we lose our friends. This cannot be a sign of true friends. A faithful friend will make us do vice things. Unfaithful friends won’t let us do vice, they will make us do evil things. When one loses fortune, there is farewell from the unfaithful friends. They don’t really need our company anymore. Such friends pretend that they are our friends but actually they are not.

C.) Rhyming words:

‘Before’ and ‘more’ are the two rhyming words used in the last lines of the poem. What are the other
rhyming words you can find in the poem? List them.

Answer: Thee – misery
Wind – find 
Friend – spend 
Scant- want 
Vice – entice
Frown – renown

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