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BEAUTY AND THE BEAST - Class 8th Third Language English Textbook Solutions


(Work in Groups)

A.) Complete the words filling in the right letters (the words are found in the text) –
(One is done for you: daughter)

1.) d a u g h t e r
2.) Necklace
3.) Reach
4.) Compound
5.) c _ n _ r _
6.) Delicious

B.) We can make a new word by rearranging letters of a word.
Example: rose: sore, acres: cares.
Now make new words by rearranging the following words

1.) hear                                    –           Hare
2.) left                                     –           Felt
3.) dear                                    –           Dare
4.) earth                                   –           Heart
5.) post                                    –           Spot

C.) Find the words which are pronounced in the same way. Clues are given in brackets. One is done for you.

1.) sight (a vacant plot),                      Site
2.) steel (thieves do this),                    Steal
3.) meet (non-vegetarian food)           Meat
4.) grate (large, big)                             Great
5.) year (an organ of a body)              Ear

6.) hair (an animal)  Hare Give one word for the following.
Example : That which flies from flower to flower. butterfly

1.) Children fly this -   Kite
2.) A young one of a cow -   Calf
3.) One who makes furniture using wood -  Carpenter
4.) Life history written by himself -  Autobiography
5.) One who teaches  -  Teacher


A.) Answer the following questions in a sentence or two each.

1.) Why did the merchant go to the distant city?

Answer: The merchant went to the distant city for a business purpose.

2.) What did the third daughter ask for?
Answer: The third daughter asked for a red rose.

3.) Who welcomed him to the big house?
Answer: A beast welcomed him to the big house.

4.) How did the rich man help himself in the big house?

Answer: He ate and spent the night alone in the big house.

5.) On what condition did the beast let the merchant go?
Answer:  The beast asked the rich man to bring to him the first thing that he sees on reaching his home.

6.) Why did Beauty agree to live with the beast?

Answer: Beauty agreed to live with the beast for the sake of her father.

7.) How was Beauty looked after in the big house?

Answer: Beauty was after very well and she live happily in the big house.

B.) Answer the following questions in two or three sentences each.

1.) Why was the beast sad one day?

Answer: One day Beauty asked the beast if she could go to meet her father. The beast allowed to her go. That evening, Beauty saw the beast sitting alone in the garden. She saw him sad and tears were rolling down his cheeks. The beast was felling all alone.

2.) How did the beast turn into a prince?

Answer: When Beauty saw the beast crying, she went to him and put her arms round him and kissed him. This made him completely change himself into a charming prince. A witch had changed him into beast who told him that only a kiss from a young girl would give him back his true shape and in this way a kiss changed a beast into a prince.

C.) Read the statement and answer the questions that follow.

1.) “ You can go any day, you like.”

a) Who said this?

Answer: The beast said this.

b) Where did he want her to go?
Answer: He wanted her to go to meet her father.

c) Did he really want her to go? Why?
Answer: No, he didn’t really want her to go because he loved her.

2.) “You have broken the spell.”

a) What was the spell?

Answer: A kiss from a young girl would bring the true shape of the beast.

b) Who has broken the spell?
Answer:  Beauty has broken the spell.

c) How was the spell broken?

Answer: The spell was broken with a kiss.


A.) Read the following paragraphs and change the underlined words into past tense and rewrite it (Work in groups).

Some children were playing in a garden. They were playing with a ball. Sundar threwthe ball, and it fell in a hole. Every one puthis hands to get the ball. No one could reach it. They were disappointed.

A boy who was walking in the garden took a bucket of water and pouredit into the hole. The ball cameup and all the children felt happy. They jumped with joy and thanked the boy.

B.) Fill in the blanks using ‘why’, ‘what’ or ‘where’ (First one is done for you).

Ram : Where is my bag?
Sham : It’s on the table
Ram : What day is today?
Sham : Why don’t you look into the calendar?
Ram : It is Monday.
Sham : Where is your bicycle?
Ram : It is in the cycle stand.
Sham : Where did you buy this shirt?
Ram : I don’t know. Father got me this.

C.) The words in column ‘A’ are incomplete. Complete them choosing words given in ‘B’ and write them in the spaceprovided.

1.) bundle of sticks
2.) crowd of people
3.) class of students
4.) bunch of keys
5.) herd of cattle
6.) heap of stones


Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow.

1.) Why do you think the boys could not shoot the egg?

Answer: The boys might not be paying complete attention while shooting the egg.

2.) “Do you want to try ?”

a) Who asked this ?

Answer: One of the boys asked this.

b) What did he want to try ?
Answer: He wanted to try to shoot and break the egg.

c) Was he successful ?
Answer: Yes, Swami Vivekananda was successful.

d) What was the reason for his success ?

Answer: He paid complete attention toward his work and didn’t about anything else so he got success.

3.) Do you think we should practise what Vivekananda said? Why?
Answer: Yes, we must practice what Vivekananda said. We should focus only on one thing at one time. We should always keep concentrating on the thing we do and not think of anything else.
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