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Autumn Song - Class 10th Third Language English Textbook Solutions

Autumn Song

I.) Comprehension questions:

A.) Answer the following questions: Sit in groups, discuss the answer and write them downs.

1.) What does the poet compare the joy to?

Answer: The poet compares the joy to the sunset behind the clouds, heart of sorrow.

2.) How does the poet compare a cloud to sorrow?
Answer: The setting sun brings joy to our hearts; the sight is a delightful to look at. But at the same time, the clouds cover the beauty of the setting sun and this sorrow clouds our hearts.

3.) What picture do you get when you read this line “The wild wind blows”?

Answer: The wild wind blows in such a way that it takes away the leaves and takes away the joy. The leaves break and fall down from the trees.

4.) What may be the dream of the poet?

Answer: The poet is sad because her loved is gone away just like the leaves. She dreams having a long life with her loved one.

5.) Why do you need a voice? Can it sooth your heart?

Answer: We need a voice to console in our sad and alone times. We need a voice to cheer us and make us feel happy. Yes, it can sooth our heart and make us happy.

6.) Why was the heart of the poet sad and alone?
Answer: The poet’s heart is sad and alone because she had lost her beloved.

7.) Does the poet go faster than dreams? If so what does she mean to convey?
Answer: The poet wants to convey that we should not stop and whining about the lost things. We should accept the things and move on. The way the leaves take a new life, we should too go ahead in life.

B.) Write the summary of the poem. You can use the clues.

Autumn season is the season of transition. It comes between summer and spring. The poet compare the autumn with the joy of sorrow and the sunset covering the clouds. There is a sorrow of covering
the beautiful sight but the glittering sheaves gives the golden storm. This makes us dream. The season takes away the leaves from the trees. In the same way, sorrow makes us lonely. The heart is alone. The poet misses her beloved and is very lonely. But we should not cry over the lost things, we should never look back. We should always go forward.

C.) Add the rhyming words of your own to the following words. Ask your teacher for help. Ex:- gold-cold

1.) sorrow       –           Tomorrow
2.) hand          –            land
3.) fair            –            pair
4.) leaves        –           cleaves
5.) blow         –            glow
6.) wind         –            grind
7.) sad           –            mad
8.) voice        –            choice

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