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An Act of Cleverness - Class 7th Third Language English Textbook Solutions

 An Act of Cleverness

Pre-reading Activity :

Read the description in the boxes under column ‘A’ and complete the sentences in circles under column ‘B’ by choosing the words from the triangle below.

1.) Everyone praises Manish for his intelligence.
2.) He is very popular for his cleverness.
3.) She is given a prize for his honesty.
A.) Comprehension :
I.) Answer each of the following questions in a phrase or a sentence.

1.) What was Shankar’s father?

Answer: Shankar’s father was a jeweler.
2.) What were the thieves stealing?

Answer: The thieves were stealing jewellery.
3.) Where were the thieves when Shankar let out the air from the tyres?

Answer: The thieves were in the shop when Shankar let out the air from the tyres.
4.) “Well done, my boy. You are very clever” Who said this?
Answer: The inspector said this to Shankar.
5.) Why did people praise Shankar?
Answer: Shankar without being scared or helpless acted cleverly. His act of bravery made the police catch the thieves and this is why people praised Shankar.
II.) Arrange these sentences in the order in which things happened in the story. Write the correct number in the box.

a) The police arrested the thieves. 8
b) Shankar saw the doors of his father’s jewellery shop open. 2
c) There was a jeep on the road and the two men were putting a heavy bag into it. 4
d) Shankar was returning home on his bicycle after group studies. 1
e) He let the air out from all the four tyres of the jeep. 6
f) He wondered why the shop was open at 11 o’ clock at night. 3
g) The inspector praised Shankar for his cleverness and presence of mind. 9
h) When he heard them whisper about the stolen goods, he understood that they were thieves. 5
i) He cycled at top speed to the nearby police station and informed the police about the thieves. 7
III. Complete the following sentences. The questions below each of these lines will help you.
a) There was a jeep on the road.

b) Shankar saw two men putting a heavy bag into the jeep.
c) The thieves had collected jewellery in the bag.
d) Shankar informed the police about the thieves.
e) Shankar’s school was holding a function to honor Shankar for his cleverness.
B.) Writing

1.) Envelope
2.) Post box
3.) Postman
4.) Weighing a parcel
5.) Receiving a parcel
6.) Pasting a stamp

V.) Fill in the blanks with the words given in the box and complete the letter.
21, New Horizon Circle,
21st August
Dear Ravi,
Hope this letter finds you in the pink of health. We celebrated Deepavali with great pomp. Manish had also come. We missed you a lot. We met our old friends at school. Hope to see you during summer holidays. Convey my regards to all at home.
Yours lovingly.
VI.) Imagine you are Rekha. You had attended the programme where Shankar was honoured. You are very happy and want to tell your sister Rashmi about the programme. Use the fol¬lowing format to write a letter.
Old RTO road,
                                                                                                18th  August
Dear Rashmi,
I hope you are doing well. I want to tell you something very important. My friend Shankar was honored with Bravery award on 15th August. His act of bravery and cleverness caught the thieves. Isn’t he so courageous at such young age? I was very happy and proud when he was honored with the award. I wish you were here to witness such an amazing function.
I hope you are attending your classes regularly and studying well. I miss you and parents. I will see you in summer vacations.
Do reply.
Yours affectionately
I) Work in pairs. Look at these pictures and answer the questions that follow.
1.) What does Savitha have for breakfast ?

Savitha has an egg for breakfast.
2.) What does Suguna have ?
Suguna has an apple.
3.) What does Laxman have ?
Laxman has a banana.
4.) What does Suresh have ?

Suresh has a sandwich.
5.) What does Rashmi have ?

Rashmi has an orange.
Use a, an or the to complete these sentences.
1.) I bought a book. Thebook was interesting.
2.) Raju ate an apple. The apple was red.
3.) I met aboy in the market. Theboy had blue eyes.
4.) I saw anant. The ant was dark and tiny.
5.) Ravi presented aring to Lakshmi. The ring was beautiful.
S.No    Asking how someone is    Saying how someone is

1             How’s life?                             I’m quite well.
2             How are your parents?             Good !
3             Hope you are keeping well?     I’m very well indeed, thank you.
4             How are things?                      On top of the world, thanks.
5             How is your little sister, Radha?     Fine, thanks.
XI.) Here are two boxes. Box ‘A’ contains describing words and box ‘B’ contains the words that can be described with help of the words in box ‘A’. Match the appropriate words from both the boxes and fill in the blanks and complete the sentences that follow.
1) Rahim is an intelligent student.He always secures the first rank.
2) They live in that large building. It has 20 houses.
3) I watched ‘Mungaru Male’ yesterday. It was really a very interesting film.
4) The beautiful scenery of Kashmir attracts tourists from across the country.
5) We really enjoyed the dinner last night. It was full of delicious dishes.

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