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A SMILE - Class 7th Third Language English Textbook Solutions


A.) Comprehension :
I.) Answer the following questions:
1.) What is quite a funny thing according to the poet?

Answer:  According to the poet a smile is a funny thing.
2.) What happens when the smile has gone?
Answer:   When the smile has gone the wrinkles go in a secret place.
3.) How does one smile make two?
Answer:  When one smiles at another, the other person smiles back which makes one smile two.
II.) Work in small groups and complete the summary of the poem by filling the blanks. Choose the words from those given in the bubbles.

Smiling makes a man happy. It is a funny thing. It makes one look younger and live longer. If it is gone you will never find its hiding place. Smiling is more healthy. If you smile at one he smiles at you. Then one smile makes two. Smiling makes us wonderful.
III.) How many times did the poet use the word smile? Why?
Answer:  The poet uses the word smile for five times. The poet wants to emphasize how important is to smile and how wonderful effects it has on us.
IV.) In group of 4 discuss the benefits of smiling. Share your views
Answer:  The following are the benefits of smiling:
1.) It relaxes the mood.
2.) It makes one happy.
3.) It cheers our mood.
4.) It helps to relive stress.
V.) Write two rhyming words for each of the following
eg.: word –       bird – sword
1.) face –                      place – pace
2.) thing –        wing – ring
3.) find –                      mind – bind
4.) place –        race – case
5.) smile-         mile – file
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