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A NOBLE GIFT - Class 9th Third Language English Textbook Solutions


Answer the following question :

1.) What kind of girl was Ya-toe?

Answer: Ya-toe was servant. She was younger than other servants. She was hardworking and honest.

2.) “This coin cannot be my master’s”. Why did Ya-toe think like that?
Answer: The coin was smaller than a button on Ya-toe’s dress. It was a old coppen coin so she thought it cannot be master’s coin.

3.) Why did the young priest come to the rich man’s house?
Answer: Young priest was putting up a large and majestic statue of Lord Buddha hence they needed gold and silver for that so the Young priest came to the rich man’s house.

4.) Why did not the priest accept Ya-toe’s gift?
Answer: The priest said that it is just a copper coin and it is smaller than her button hence he cannot accept the copper coin from her.

5.) How were the first and the second statues?
Answer: According to the head priest the statue was not even as beautiful as an ordinary statue. And the second statue was uglier than the previous one.

6.) Why was the statue really majestic at the end?

Answer: When the gift from the young girl added in the statue then the statue became majestic at the end.

7.) What message do you get from this story?
Answer: Ya-toe’s small coin was near the heart of the lord it means the feeling matters more than the gift.
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