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A GREAT KING WHO YOKED THE PLOUGH - Class 9th Third Language English Textbook Solutions



C1. Answer the following questions in one or two sentences each :

1) What made the king sad?
Answer: The king saw a farmer yoked a bull to one side and his wife to the other side, it made the king sad.

2) What did the queen give to the farmer’s wife?
Answer: The queen give to the farmer’s wife two bulls.

3) What did the farmer’s wife tell her husband about the man?

Answer: Farmer’s wife tell her husband about the man who yoked is king.

4) What did the farmer take with him to offer the king?
Answer: Farmer take pearls with him to offer the king.

5) Why was the farmer rewarded?
Answer: The farmer rewarded for his honesty.

6) ‘‘My dear man, what are you doing.’’

a) Who asked this question?

Answer: The king asked this question to the farmer.

b) Who does ‘dear man’ refer to?
Answer: ‘Dear man’ refer to the farmer.

c) Why did he ask this question?
Answer: He saw that a farmer yoked his wife to the plough hence he asked the question to farmer.

d) What was the reply given by farmer?

Answer: The farmer replied that he don’t have time so he can not stop and explain things to him. And this is his wife so it is none of his concern.

7) ‘‘I shall give you a bull. You do not have to pay me any money.’’

a) Who will give the bull?

Answer: The king will give the bull.

b) Who does ‘you’ refer to?
Answer: ‘You’ refer to the farmer.

c) What was the reply of the farmer?
Answer: The farmer replied that if he leaves his work now then the rains might arrive before he plant the seeds. He cannot come with him. If he really want to help then bring the bull here.

C2.) Answer the following questions in three or four sentences : Discuss the answers with your partner.

1) Why was the king happy when the farmer apologized for his behavior?

Answer: The farmer was rude with the king but still king helped him and when the farmer harvested pearls he took it to the king and apologized for his behavior and offered the pearls. And king is happy for his honesty.

2) Why was the farmer stunned when he came to harvest the crops?

Answer: The farmer stunned cause when he harvested the crops it is pearls instead grains.

3) What kind of king was Raja Bhoj ?
Answer: The king Raja Bhoj was kind, just and attentive to the problems of his subjects.

C3. Rearrange the following words into meaningful sentences :

1) stop/I/do/not/time/have/the/to

Answer: I do not have the time to stop.

2) leave/The/king/to/want/not/did

Answer: The king did not want to leave.

3) reaped/the/a/farmer/wonderful/harvest

Answer: The farmer reaped a wonderful harvest.

4) rewarded/farmer/king/for/the/the/honesty/his

Answer: The king rewarded the farmer for his honesty.


V1.) Letters in the brackets are mixed up. Take the help of the clues and arrange the letters into correct words:

1) say sorry apologies(soiglaepo)
2) astonish stunned (netusdn)
3) work labour (orbalu)
4) identify from knowledge recognize (ocreezgni)
5) fair to all concerned morally right justice (jstcuie)
6) experience pain suffer (ffuser)

V2.) Find out the opposites for the following words from the puzzle and write them in the space provided:
1) easy x hard
2) accept x reject
3) arrive x depart
4) strong x weak

L2.) Choose the correct question word and frame questions in order to get the underlined words as answer:

1) She deserves the highest honour.

Answer: Which is the highest honour does she deserve?

3) He retired in 1985.
Answer: When did he retire?

3) I like green colour.

Answer: Which colour do you like?

4) I went to market to buy some fruits.
Answer: Whydid you go to the market?

L3.) Add punctuation marks like full stop(.), question mark (?), inverted commas (‘‘ ’’), comma (,) and exclamation mark (!) in the following sentences.

My pet cat
I have just got a new pet cat (.) She is black and white and I’ve named it Rani (.) Can you guess the reason (?) Well, she is so majestic in her movements and looks just like a queen (.) She is cleaver and she loves eating fish (,) I found her near my house some days ago (.). She looked so thin and ill and had no home (.). I brought her home and now she lives with me and my family (.). She has become stronger and looks really beautiful. Everyone who sees her says (,) “What a beautiful cat you have (!)” I’m very proud of my dear Rani. She’s surely a beauty (.).
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