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A CHILD’S EVENING PRAYER - Class 8th Third Language English Textbook Solutions

–  S.T. Coleridge

A.) Answer the following questions.

1.) Who does the child pray for?

Answer: The child prays for the goodness and welfare of his parents and his brothers and for himself.

2.) What does the child pray for its mother?
Answer: The child prays to God for mother’s health and strength for many years.

3.) What does the child pray for its father?
Answer: The child prays for his father’s health and strength.

4.) Pick out the lines in the poem which show that the child is praying for its brothers.
Answer: And O! preserve my brothers both From evil doings and from sloth,

5.) The child wants to be a source of joy to its parents. Which lines in the poem show this?
Answer: And may I my best thoughts employ To be my parent’s hope and joy !

6.) “O Lord, to me impart an innocent and grateful heart”

a) Who does ‘me’ refer to?

Answer: ‘Me’ refers to the child who is praying.

b) What is the child asking for?
Answer: The child is asking God to impart him an innocent and grateful heart.

c) What is the meaning of the word ‘grateful’?
Answer: The meaning of the word ‘grateful’ is thankful/ showing gratitude.
7) Fill in the boxes below with correct rhyming words from the poem. Then add one rhyming word of your own. Ask your teacher for help (One example is given).
Answer:  Day- say- may
Dear – year- fear
Joy – employ- toy
Both – sloth- loath
Other – mother- brother
Impart – heart – mart
Lay – may – gay
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