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THE MODEL MILLIONAIRE - Class 8 First Language English Textbook Solutions

Comprehension: I. Answer the following questions in two or three sentences each:

1.) What sort of man was Hughie Erskine?
Answer: Hughie Erskine was handsome and good-looking young man. Both men and women were liking him. He never talked anything unkind about anyone.
2.) What were the various jobs he took up? Why?
Answer: He worked on the Stock Exchange for six month then he worked as tea merchant then he got tired of selling tea then he tried selling sherry but failed.
3.) What was the condition laid down for Hughie to marry Laura?
Answer: The condition laid down for Hughie to marry Laura was to earn ten thousand pounds.
4.) Who was Alan Trevor? What was Trevor doing when Hughie called on him?
Answer: Alan Trevor was Hughie’s friend, he was painter. Alan Trevor was clever artist. When Hughie called Trevor, he was finishing the full-size picture of a beggar.
5.) How was the model beggar dressed?
Answer: The beggar was standing on a raised platform in a corner of the room. The beggar was an old man, bent and wrinkled with a piteous look on his face. The beggar having a ragged brown coat on his shoulder, the coat was torn and dirty. The beggar was wearing boots which patched and well worn.
6.) What did Hughie feel the model should get? Why?
Answer: The beggar as a model standing still for long time in same position which is tough hence the Hughie felt that the model should get some part of Trevor’s earning from selling the picture.
7.) Why did Hughie feel sorry for the beggar-man?
Answer: The beggar was an old man with bent and wrinkled, with a piteous look on his face hence Hughie felt sorry for the beggar-man.
8.) What did Hughie give the old beggar-man?
Answer: Hughie gave a sovereign to the old beggar-man.
9.) What did Alan Trevor tell Hughie when he met him at the Palette Club?
Answer: When Alan Trevor and Hughie met at the Palette Club then Alan Trevor told Hughie that the old model liked Hughie very much and Alan Trevor had to tell the old beggar about Hughie and where he live and how much he earn and what he is going to do in the future.
10.) Alan says, “He’ll invest your sovereign for you Hughie,” How do you think the Baron could have invested the sovereign for Hughie?
Answer: The old beggar was one of the richest men in Europe. And the rich man paid ten thousand pounds for his kind act to give sovereign. Hence, Alan says, “He’ll invest your sovereign for you Hughie.”
II.) Answer the following questions in five or six sentences each:

1.) ‘That old beggar, as you call him, is one of the richest men in Europe.’ Name the richest man referred to. How is he described to Hughie?
Answer: The richest man referred to was Baron Hausberg, he was the richest man in Europe. He could buy all London tomorrow and never miss the money. He has a house in every capital city, eats off gold plates and can prevent Russia going to war whenever he chose. He also said that Baron buy his pictures and they are good friends. Baron once asked Alan to paint him as a beggar for two thousand pounds for his work and Alan accepted that work hence Baron was at Alan’s place as a old-beggar.
2.) Describe how Hughie Erskine was able to marry Laura Merton.
Answer: Laura’s father says if Hughie get ten thousand pounds of his own then he will see about it. Later when Hughie meet his painter fried Alan, he sees old beggar stood in a corner and Alan is painting the full size of painting of him. The beggar was old and bent and having piteous face. Hughie gives him a sovereign out of sympathy in the absence of Alan. After few days the Hughie came to know that the beggar was one of the richest men of Europe and his name is Baron Housberg. Hughie receives a letter from the Baron Housberg in which there is a wedding present to Hughie and Laura from an old beggar. There was ten thousand pounds check also therefore Hughie was able to marry Laura.
3.) Bring out the subtle humour in the story “The Model Millionaire.”
Answer: There are many subtle instances of humour like Hughie is who in need of money gives sovereign to beggar out of sympathy, but Hughie is not earning well. This contradiction makes it funny. It shocks Hughie when he came to know the old beggar was one of the richest men in Europe, Baron Hausberg, again there is contradiction.When messengers from Baron visits Hughie then Hughie anxiously tell them sorry and the situation looks funny.
4.) “I have got heaps of old clothes at home. Do you think he would like any of them? Why, his rags were falling to bits,’ said Hughie. ‘But he looks so wonderful in them,” said Trevor. “I wouldn’t paint him in a good suit for anything. However, I’ll tell him of your offer.”The above instance is an example for subtle humour. Pick out other incidents of humour from the story.
Answer: There are other examples like Hughie gives a sovereign to one of the richest men was funny. Fighting with financial issue and unstable business still gives a sovereign to a beggar. Being anxious and doing silly mistake like asking apology to messenger of Mr. Baron is funny. In whole situation Hughie looks ignorant and his ignorance creates the humorous situation.
III.) Vocabulary
1) Fill in the blanks given below with the help of the compound words.
1.) Full size picture (full–size)
2.) Good looking young man (good – looking)
3.) The old Beggar man (beggar-man)
4.) The fame maker wanted to speak to Trevor. (frame – maker)
2) Match the words in column A with the words in column B to make more compound words:
A Answer
1.) grand mother
2.) news paper
3.) mile stone
4.) book mark
5.) tie breaker
6.) foot path
Use appropriate prefixes to the words given below to form words opposite in meaning …….(dis, mis, un)
Do – undo,
Honour – dis-honour,
Broken – unbroken,
Comfort – discomfort,
Clean – unclean,
Honest – dishonest,
Respect – disrespect,
Obey – disobey,
Regard – disregard,
Appear – disappear,
Like – dislike,
Agree – disagree,
Wanted – unwanted,
Content – discontent
Use appropriate suffixes to the words given below to form new words:
(ly, ness, ish, ful, less)
Easy – easily,
Child – childish,
Hope – hopeful,
Use– useless,
Use – useful,
Fool – foolish,
Beauty – beautiful,
Brown – brownish,
Doubt – doubtful,
Calm – calmly,
Slow – slowly,
Help – helpful,
Cheer – cheerful,
Pain – painful,
Colour – colourful.
Construct sentences with the following homonyms to bring out two different meanings of each word:
Trip – He tripped over his chair.
Jacky went on a college trip.
Stamp – The man stamped my passport.
Rick stamped off his foot on mud.
Plant – There are different types of plants in nursery.
We should plant trees for better tomorrow.
Right – It is our right to ask question to politician.
I gave the right solution of the puzzle.
IV.) Make five pairs of pun words with the help of a dictionary.
1) I had a photographic memory that was never developed.
2) To write with a broken pencil is pointless.
3) A thief who stole a calendar got twelve months.
4) The dead batteries were given out free of charge.
5) A doctor fell into the well and broke his leg.
V.) Colour in Language:
Select a colour from the box to describe the feelings associated with them and then fill in the blanks:
green, red, blue, black, grey, white, pink.
1.) The old lady seemed to be in the pink of health.
2.) John was green with envy when he heard that his friend would be meeting the Prime Minister in person.
3.) Shalini became red with anger when Anjali shared her secret with other girls.
4.) We must cheer him up. He was feeling grey all day.
5.) The cop beat him upblack and blue.
6.) The stallion (breed) was as pure as white in colour.
Dear Student, I appreciate your efforts and hard work that you all had put in. Thank you for being concerned with us and I wish you for your continued success.

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