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THE GIFTS OF NATURE - Class 6 First Language English Textbook Solutions

Name three gifts Nature has given us.
Answer: Trees, birds, animals, rivers, are the gifts of nature.
Why does water get polluted? Why does air get polluted?
Answer: When we humans throw dirty things in the water, it gets polluted. The harmful smokes coming from the vehicles, factories lead to the air pollution.
Why is soil losing its fertility? Why does man destroy forests? What happens if man becomes too greedy and selfish?
Answer: Soil is losing its fertility because of the harmful chemicals getting mixed in the soil.
Man destroys forests for his selfish purpose.
If man become too greedy and selfish, there will be time when there would not be any tree left and all the natural resources will be finished.
Talking about the text :
1.) Answer the following questions in a word, a phrase or a sentence. Discuss with your partner and write down what you say.
a.) What is our moral duty?
Answer: It is our moral duty to look after the things God has given us. We must learn to take care of the gifts of Nature, so that these are not destroyed or harmed.
b.) Which animals are on the verge of extinction?
Answer: Tigers, lions and some rare species are on the verge of extinction.
c.) Where should we throw waste paper, tins and bottles?
Answer: We should throw our water paper, tins and bottles in a dustbin.
d.) What are trees said to be?
Answer: Trees are said to be “Green Gold.”
e.) How can we maintain ecological balance?
Answer: When trees are cut down for the necessary needs, it important to plant more and more trees to maintain ecological balance.
f.) Who are the carriers of pollen?
Answer: Bees and butterflies are the carriers of pollen.
g.) What is the wonderful handiwork of God?
Answer: The moon, the stars, mountains and seas are the wonderful handiwork of God.
2.) Discuss with your partner and write down the answers to the following questions in two or three sentences each.
a.) What are the gifts of Nature?
Answer: The long range of mountains, the wide oceans, the sparkling streams, the dense forests, the animals, birds and insects, colourful flowers, fruits, the earth we live on, the air are the gifts of nature
b.) Why should we not destroy the gifts of Nature?
Answer: The gifts of nature are to be preserved, protected and taken care of. We should not harm the gifts of nature. The gifts of nature give us many things.
c.) There were many more animals than there are today. Why? Discuss.
Answer: Over hundred years ago, there were many animals. But over the years it is seen that hunters have killed animals for their entertainment and sports purpose.
d.) What is water pollution?
Answer: When people throw waste in the water bodies like rivers, oceans, etc. then there is creation of water pollution.
e.) Give three examples where trees are used in our daily life.
Answer: We use trees in the form of furniture; build houses and the most important oxygen provided by them for our survival.
f.) Why should we put out the camp-fire before we leave the camp?
Answer: We should put out the camp-fire before we leave the camp to avoid accidental forest fires.
g.) What will happen if you take your pet animals to the park?
Answer: If we take our pet animal to the park then there are chances that it would step on the flowerbeds and it might destroy the plants.
h.) Name a few things of Nature which give you inspiration.
Answer: The moon, the stars, mountains and seas are a great source of beauty and inspiration to us.
3.) Answer the following questions, discuss it with your partner and write down what you say in the form of a paragraph.
a.) How can we take care of rare animals?
Answer: Over the years we have seen that many hunters have killed animals for sports. Animals like lions, tigers and some rare animals are at the verge of extinction and this is something that needs to be taken seriously. We should take some steps to protect the rare animals. We can impose ban on hunting of the animals which will ensure the safety of the rare animals.
b.) What steps can be taken to prevent water pollution?
Answer: We must not throw any waste in the water bodies. We should always keep the water bodies clean. We should also not wash dirty clothes or dishes in the water.
5.) Join the sentences given below using the relative pronoun given in brackets.
a.) I often go to Mumbai. Mumbai is the commercial capital of India. (which)
Answer: I often go to Mumbai which is the commercial capital of India
b.) My mother is going to host a T.V. show on cooking. She cooks very well. (who)
Answer: My mother, who cooks well, is going to host a T.V. show on cooking.
c.) These sports persons are going to meet the President. Their performance has been excellent. (whose)
Answer: These sports persons are going to meet the President whose performance has been excellent.
Read the following passage to your partner and write down suitable words in the blanks with his / her help.
Today the world is facing the problem of pollution. We are polluting Nature by our foolish acts. It is our duty to preserve the wonderful gifts of nature. We must learn to discipline ourselves in preserving the gifts of Nature.

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