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ROMEO AND JULIET - Class 2nd PUC English Textbook Solutions


  He  compares  Juliet’s  beauty  to  nature.  Romeo  says  that even  the  bright  light  of  a  torch  would  look  dull  before  the brightness  of  Juliet.  It  looks  like  she  hangs  on  the  cheek  of night.  Romeo  says  that  the  beauty  of  Juliet  is  like  a  jewel which is hung in the ear of an African woman.
  Romeo  says  Juliet  is  too  beautiful  to  belong  to  Earth. Juliet’s beauty is so vast that she cannot die and be buried in the  Earth.  The  earth  cannot  contain  her  beauty.  He  further says  Juliet  is  like  a  white  snow  which  is  flying  with  other common people who belong to the species of crows. Romeo just wishes t  express that Juliet belongs to  divine  world and living among the ordinary and common people.
  Romeo  proposes  to  find  the  place  where  Juliet  stood  and wants to touch her blessed hand and make his own rude hand blessed.  Romeo  further  asks  a  question  whether  he  ever loved before. He feels this is the true love. Romeo thinks he has  never  seen  a  beautiful  woman  like  Juliet  before  this night.   


  Juliet is inviting the night. The night she is inviting is none other than Romeo  himself. Juliet compares Romeo to  night. Juliet  calls  Romeo  a  day  in  the  night.  Juliet  sees  night  as  a bird with wings on  which Romeo  would ride and come as a ‘New  Snow’.  Juliet  calls  the  night  as  gentle  night  and  a ‘Black – Browed Night’.
  Juliet wants nothing from the night except her love Romeo. Juliet has a realistic view of death and says; even if she dies she  wants  to  make  their  love  immortal.  Juliet  says  that Romeo  should  from  part  of  stars  in  heaven.  Juliet  says,  the presence  of  Rome  among  the  stars  would  enrich  the  beauty of stars.
  Juliet wants nothing from the night except her love Romeo. Juliet has a realistic view of death and says; even if she dies she  wants  to  make  their  love  immortal.  Juliet  says  that Romeo  should  from  part  of  stars  in  heaven.  Juliet  says,  the presence  of  Rome  among  the  stars  would  enrich  the  beauty of stars.
  Romeo forms the important part of the night sky; the whole world  would  begin  to  fall  in  love  with  the  night.  Romeo would  shine  so  brightly  in  the  night  sky  that  it  would  even outshine the sun.  

I. Answer the  following  questions in  a word, a phrase or a sentence each: -

1.    When according to Juliet would Romeo  make the face of heaven so fine?

Ans: - Romeo would become star.  

2.    What does Juliet want Romeo to be after her death?

Ans: - To be a star.  

3.    Whom does the phrase ‘Snowy Dove’ refer to?

Ans: - Juliet  

4.    Whom does Romeo address as ‘Yonder Lady’?

Ans: - Juliet  

5.    Why does Romeo intend to touch Juliet
Ans: - Romeo’s rude hand is blessed.

6.    What does Romeo compare Juliet to?

Ans: - Snowy Dove  

7.    Whom does Romeo call ‘Crows’?

Ans: - The Women on the dance floor.  

8.    What  does the  phrase, ‘Face of Heaven’ signify  in the extract from the play ‘Romeo and Juliet’?

Ans:  -  It  Signifies  the  brightness  and  beauty  as  reflected  in the moon.  

9.    What does the  phrase. ‘New Snow’ suggest in ‘Romeo and Juliet’
Ans: - Romeo  

10.    What does Juliet ask the loving, Black browed night?

Ans: - To bring her Romeo to her.  

11.    Who  in  ‘Romeo  and  Juliet’  is  compared  to  a  ‘Rich Jewel’ in an Ethiope’s ear?

 Ans: - Juliet  

12.    What  according  to  Romeo  does  Juliet  teach  to  burn bright?

Ans: - The Torches.  

13.    Who  according  to  Romeo  teach  the  torches  to  burn bright?

Ans: - Juliet  

14.    Who  according  to  Romeo  seems  to  hang  upon  the cheek of night?

Ans: - Juliet  

15.    Whose beauty according to Romeo is too rich to use? 

Ans: - Juliet  

16.    When  according  to  Romeo  would  his  hand  be blessed?

Ans: - When Romeo touches Juliet’s hand.  

17.    Whose rude hand would be made blessed by touching Juliet’s hand
Ans: - Romeo  

18.    What  according to Romeo was  not seen  by  him  until he saw Juliet?

Ans: - Romeo never saw true beauty till that night.  

19.    Who are compared to Crows by Romeo?

Ans: - The Women on the dance floor.  

20.    Whom does Juliet teach to burn bright?

Ans: - The Torches.

21.    What does Romeo want to watch of Juliet?

Ans: - The place where Juliet stood.  

22.    How is the hand of Romeo described?

Ans: - Rude.  

23.    Who will lie upon the wings of night?

Ans: - Romeo.  

24.    How does Juliet describe Romeo?

Ans: - As Whiter then snow on a Raven’s Black.  

25.    Why will the whole world fall in love with the night?

Ans:  -  Romeo  would  be  present  in  the  form  of  stars  and would make the face of heaven look fine.  

26.    Whom will people ignore looking at the beauty of the night?

Ans: - The Sun.
27.    Whom does Romeo compare the other women  in the hall to?

Ans: - Crows

28.    What does Romeo asks himself after he sees Juliet?

 Ans: - ‘Did my heart love till now’  

29.    How does Juliet describe Romeo
 Ans: - Snow on Raven’s back.

30. Whom does Juliet not want the world to worship?

Ans: - The Garish Sun.

30.    When  according  to  Juliet  would  all  the  world  be  in love with the night? 
Ans:  -  When  Romeo  is  cut  into  stars  after  his  death  and make the face of heaven fine.  

31.    Who, according to Juliet, is whiter than ‘New Snow’?       
  March – 2016

32. What  does  the  phrase  ‘New  Snow’  suggests  in  ‘Romeo and Juliet’?            
 Ans: - Romeo  

32.    Who looks as a Snowy Dove to Romeo

Ans: - Juliet

II. Answer the following questions in a paragraph of 80 – 100 words each: -  

1. How does Romeo describe Juliet’s beauty?   Or How does Romeo Glorify Juliet’s flawless beauty?  Or What similes does Romeo use to convey Juliet’s beauty?  Or How  does  Romeo  mesmerized  by  the  eternal  beauty  of Juliet? Or Why  does  Romeo  say  he  never  saw  true  beauty  till  that night? Explain

Ans:  -  Romeo  happens  to  see  Juliet  for  the  first  time  at the grand supper hosted by Lord Capulet, Juliet’s father. Though Romeo belongs to the Montague family and they are devoted enemies, he is strangely attracted towards Juliet.      Romeo  is  fascinated  by  Juliet’s  beauty.  Romeo  feels  that Juliet  can  teach  the  torches  to  burn  bright.  Juliet’s  charms more than the brightness of light. Juliet’s beauty seems to be too rare and splendid that seems to hang upon cheek of night as  rich  jewel  in  an  Ethiope’s  ear.  Juliet’s  beauty  is  too  rich for use; too dear for earth.    Juliet  appears  to  Romeo  a  white  snowy  dove  and  her companions appear to be crows. Romeo wants to  touch  her  hands  and  get  his  rude  hands  blessed  by  her  soft and gentle touch. Romeo asks himself whether his heart ever loved before this moment as he never saw such true beauty.  

2. How does Juliet express her love for Romeo? Or How  does  Juliet  immortalize  Romeo  in  ‘Romeo  and Juliet’?  Or How  does  Juliet  draw  attention  towards  ‘Gentle  Night’ and ‘Garish Sun’ in ‘Romeo and Juliet’? Or Comment  on  the  imagery  of  ‘Night  –  day’,  ‘Black  – White’ in the poem ‘Romeo and Juliet’? Or Juliet’s love was more intense than Romeo’s. Justify with reference  to  the  imaginary  and  similes  used  in  the extract?

 Ans:  -  Juliet  asks  the  night  to  bring  with  it  her  Romeo. Romeo  is  a  bright  and  a  cheerful  person.  Juliet  says  that Romeo  looks  bright  like  the  new  snow  present  on  the Raven’s  back.  Juliet  makes  it  very  clear  that  she  doesn’t want  to  give  up  Romeo  even  after  her  death.  Juliet  tells  the night  that  after  she  dies,  take  her  Romeo  and  turn  him  into little stars.    According  to  her,  if  Romeo  is  turned  into  stars,  then  the night will be so beautiful and bright that the entire world will fall in love with the night and no one will look at the Garish sun considering it to be harsh and glaring and start liking the night  sky.  This  way  Romeo  always  live  and  he  will  be immortalized. Furthermore, ‘When I shall die’ and ‘Cut him out  in  little  stars’,  and  ‘Heaven’  are  expression  that  clearly refer to death and immortality.

 III. Answer the following questions in about 200 words: -

1.    How is the intensity of love between Romeo and Juliet brought out in the poem ‘Romeo and Juliet’?
Or Between  Romeo  and  Juliet  whose  love  do  you  think  is more passionate and intense? Why?
Or Whose  love,  do  you  think,  is  more  passionate  and intense in ‘Romeo and Juliet’? Explain.   
Or How  did  Romeo  and  Juliet  express  their  romantic  love feelings to each other in the poem ‘Romeo and Juliet’
Ans: - Romeo and Juliet express their passionate love each other  very  effectively.  Romeo  feels  surprised  and  glorifies his love, Juliet’s beauty to the essential as she looks beyond his  imagination.  He  feels  that  her  beauty  betters  the brightness of colorful lights in that dark night. Through the simile,  he  compares  Juliet’s  matchless  beauty  to  a  rich jewel in a black Ethiope’s ear and she seems shining in the dark cheek of night.  Romeo is truly fascinated by her rare beauty and decides to watch  her  place  of  stand  on  the  dance  floor  which  seems sacred spot after the dance. Though he is a handsome prince himself,  he  feels  his  rude  hand  to  be  blessed  by  touching her  smooth  and  shiny  hands.  Finally,  he  self-introspects himself  by  asking  whether  his  heart  loved  anybody  before and clarifies that this is his first true love with Juliet. This is how, Romeo brightly glorifies Juliet’s perfect beauty in his speech.  Juliet  also  equally  feels  a  wonderful  birth  of  love  for Romeo, a man from the enemy family. She invites both the night  and  her  love,  Romeo  to  come  to  her  as  soon  as possible.  She  longs  for  the  gentle  night  to  fall.  In  Juliet’s imagination, Romeo seems as a bright day, though it is dark night.  She  believes  that  he  brightens  her  life.  He  looks whiter  than  the  new  snow  on  a  Raven’s  back  which  is compared  to  the  night  and  glows  by  surpassing  the  dark night.  She thinks that he definitely comes in the night to see her as he  cannot  see  her  during  day.  She  wishes  to  make  her Romeo  an  immortal  being  by  requesting  the  night  to  take him and cut him out in little stars in the sky after her death, so  that  he  will  make  the  face  of  heaven  so  fine.  She convinces  the  night  that  Romeo  replaces  the  garish  sun  by glowing in the night, then people stop to fear for night. She feels  that  people  fall  in  love  with  night  and  forget  to worship  the  sun  in  the  whole  world.  In  this  way,  Juliet expresses  her  implicit  feelings  towards  Romeo  and  makes him  an  immortal  and  eternal  being.Juliet’s  love  was  much more passionate and intense than that of Romeo.  


Romeo speaks about Juliet
  Romeo describes the beauty of Juliet.
  She teaches the torches to burn the bright.
  She is as a rich jewel in an Ethiope's ear.
  Her beauty is too good for this world.
  She is too dear for the earth.
  She is like a white dove among the crows.
  Romeo's hand becomes holy if he touches her.
  He did not love such a beautiful lady earlier.   

Juliet speaks about Romeo

  Juliet describes Romeo's charm.
  Romeo is like a day comes at the night.
  He is whiter than a new snow.
  She calls the gentle night to witness his charm.
  Romeo should be cut into little stars after her death.
  He would make the face of heaven so fine.
  By loving the night, people forget the garish sun.  

  The city of Verona
  Romeo and Juliet
  Noble families-Montagues and Capulets/animosity
  Capulets’ party
  Intense and passionate love
  Romeo’s glorification of Juliet’s beauty
  Juliet’s beauty surpasses the brightness of torches
  A rich jewel
  Juliet is compared to a snowy dove 
  Romeo meets after the dance
  Juliet praises Romeo
  Compares to the day in  night
  New snow on ravens back

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