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IMAGINATION - Class 8 First Language English Textbook Solutions

 IMAGINATION (Memorization)
George Bernard Shaw
I.) Answer the following in two or three sentences each:

1.) What do you think were the “simple things” done by the cowboy?
Answer: The “simple things” done by the cowboy is the poet imagined himself as cowboy and imagined that he is on the adventure and the poet is also played as Pirates and sailed the seven seas.
2.) Do you enjoy reading? What do you feel are the joys of reading?
Answer: Yes, I enjoy reading and with reading I learn and imagine many things which make me think and prepare my brain to learn new things.
3.) Where do the Eskimos live?
Answer: Eskimos lives in the land of ice and snow in the Arctic region of the world. The Eskimos lived in igloos but now they live in modern houses made by wood, cement-concreate.
4.) Why does the poet say “my fantasy was all aglow”?
Answer: The poem imagine that he lived with the Eskimos in the land of ice and snow. In that place the poet imagine that he is hunting and fishing with Eskimos hence the poet says he fantasy was all aglow.
5.) When did the poet go to the moon? Did he stay there?
Answer: When the poet read a book of Jules Verne, he went off to the moon. The poet took a look and then he returned.
6.) Who was his guide in the forests of Africa?
Answer: Dr. Livingstone was his guide in the forests of Africa.
7.) What were the deeds performed by the poet in his world of imagination?
Answer: In the world of fantasy and imagination the poet performed many wonderful deeds like poet become Pirate and sailed the seven seas, the poet also become cowboy the poet lives with Eskimos and also go to the moon. The poet spends time in forest of Africa.
8.) What happened when the poet grew up? What are his feelings towards life?
Answer: When the poet grew up then the world of imagination ends. The poet become serious but he still like the mysteries.
9.) What is the message given by the poet in the poem?
Answer: The poet wants to give the message to the world is that reading and imagining is very enjoyable and he still like to live in the mysterious world.
II.) Match the following:
          A           Answer
1.) Pirates Seven seas
2.) America Huckleberry Finn
3.) Eskimos Snow
4.) Jules Verne Moon
5.) Africa Dr. Livingstone
III.) Read the poem carefully and complete the web chart:
Dear Student, I appreciate your efforts and hard work that you all had put in. Thank you for being concerned with us and I wish you for your continued success.

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