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GEOGRAPHY LESSON - Class 9 First Language English Textbook Solutions

C1.) Read the poem silently and answer the following questions.
1.) What did the poet see from the jet?
Answer: The poet saw that how the city had looked haphazard, unplanned manner and without style.
2.) The words “haphazard” and “unplanned” are used to describe the cities.
a) the scale
b) the sky
c) the jet
d) the cities.
From high above the Earth, the cities appeared to be haphazard, unplanned and without to the poet.
4.) From a higher altitude what lesson could the poet learn about the cities?
Answer: From a higher altitude, the poet could understand why a man lived near river and valleys. He also understood that the man was attracted to both land and water.
5.) According to the poet, what was in greater proportion on Earth?
Answer: According to the poet, sea (water) was in greater proportion than land on earth.
6.) According to the poet, what do men on earth do?
Answer: According to the poet, men find reason to hate each other, to build walls across cities and to kill each other.
C2.) Discuss the following questions in groups and answer.

1.) ‘’From above, the city looked haphazard and unplanned.’’ Why do you think the city looked so.
Answer: Every human builds his/her home according to their choice. There is a difference in every building. The difference in the buildings show that they are not planned in the same way so the city looked haphazard.
2.) Geographically what is the importance of rivers and valleys? Explain their importance with reference to the second stanza of the poem?
Answer: Rivers are associated with fertility and people prefer living near the rivers to have their development. Even people are in more number in valleys. The poet could see from high that there is large population settled near rivers and valleys.
Yes, I agree with this view. The last stanza shows us how humans have become narrower in perspective with the broader development of the cities. Though there is development of the city, humans find reasons to each other. They create unnecessary walls that create hatred for each other.
C3.) Ponder over the following questions and express your views in the answers.
1.) The picture of the Earth zooms out in the poet’s mind, and against that background we see human nature. Bring out the contrast between the Earth and human nature.
Answer: There is a big difference between the earth and human nature. The earth always gives to humans and humans do very little in return. There is no hatred or discrimination by the earth whereas the human nature tends to differentiate and create unnecessary hatred against each other. Human nature is selfish and always expects the earth to give but he doesn’t respect it. He creates chaos and walls that are of hatred.
2.) Imagine planet Earth having only water and no land. Do you think man would still draw boundaries and wage wars? Discuss with your friends.
Answer: Human nature is quite unpredictable. Though it is impossible to draw boundaries on water but man would find any reason to have hatred for each other.

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