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Ekalavya - Class 7 Second Language English Textbook Solutions


Questions and Answers, Summary, Notes

Before you read:
1. “He who has done this, will one day be master of us all”- in this sentence.
a. ‘he’ refers to Slave Sebastian
b. ‘this’ refers to a beautiful painting of the blessed
c. ‘us’ refers to the artists (painters)

2. Choose the correct answer:
A. The passage is mainly about
a. the Blessed Virgin
b. Sebastian
c. Murillo
d. father
Answer: a. the Blessed Virgin

3. Sebastian was Murillo’s
a. student
b. slave
c. friend
d. master
Answer: b. slave

4. The way Sebastian learnt his art secretly is similar to the story of ______ in the Mahabharata.
a. Arjuna
b. Drona
c. Ekalavya
d. dawns
Answer: c. Ekalavya
Check your understanding

C1. Answer the following questions in a word, a phrase or a sentence each:

Question 1.
Who was Ekalavya?
Answer: Ekalavya was the son of Hiranya Dhanus. the hunter chief of the southern forest.

Question 2.
Where did he go to learn archery?
Answer: He went to Dronacharya. the great acharya of Pandavas and Kauravas to learn archery.

Question 3.
Why did he want to lean archer?
Answer: He wanted to learn archery because wolves have increased in his forest and the fawns are unsafe. He could not bear to see the poor animals getting troubled by the greedy wolves. Hence he wanted the learn archery in order to protect the faurs in the surroundings.

Question 4.
Pick out the line in which Drona praises the teacher of Ekalavya.
Answer: That line is ‘your teacher must indeed be a great one’.

Question 5.
What made Drona appreciate Ekalavya’s skill?
Answer: By seeing Ekalavya’s skillful trick of Shabdavedhi Drona appreciated him. Ekalavya’s skill was uncomparable. It was an extraordinary skill.

Question 6.
How, according to Drona, did Ekalavya become a good archer?
Answer: According to Drona, Ekalavya became a good archer by his devotion. His devotion only made him a good archer.
V1. Math the words in the list ‘A’ with their opposites in the list ‘B’
One is done for you:
increase X decrease
A                         B
1. increase       a. kind
2. worthy               b. loss
3. gain               e. decrease
4. humble       d. unworthy
5. cruel               e. short
6. long               f. poor
7. rich              g. proud
Answer: 1. c, 2. d, 3.b, 4. g, 5. a, 6. e, 7. f.
V2. Fill in the blanks with suitable noun forms:
Use a dictionary if needed.
One is done for you:
Is there any (mean) in what you are saying?
Is there any meaning in what you are saying?
1. Children’s choice (choose) is playing cricket.
2. The teachings (teach) of Krishna is found in the Bhagavad Geetha.
3. Don’t take hasty decisions (decide)
4. The teacher’s correction (correct) in my homework helped me to score better than Peter.
5. I will be happy to have you as my teacher (teach).
6. Narayan was considered the best boy for his intelligence (intelligent) in solving the problem.

Now complete the following paragraph using the words given below:
The mice in the grocer’s shop ate plenty of grains and he had to suffer a great toss (lose). So, he bought a cat for the detection (detect) of the mice’s hiding place. During the meeting (meet) of the mice, one of them said that the cat’s movement (move) was soft and swift. So, there was a need for belling (bell) the cat. All the mice agreed that it was a good decision (decide). Someone asked, “Who will bell the cat?” No answer came. As yet, the decision has not seen execution (execute).
(movement, detection, meeting, loss, execution, belling, decision)
C2. Answer each of the following questions and compare your answers with your partner.

Question 1.
Why did Drona refuse to teach archery to Ekalavya?
Answer: Drona refused to teach archery to Ekalavya because he made a vow that he would not teach other than Kshatriya or a Brahmin. His vow binds him to refuse Eklavya.

Question 2.
How did Ekalavya learn archery?
Answer: Ekalavya had a deep devotion to his guru. He was a devoted disciple and believed that he should learn with his guru’s blessings. The same blessings guided him and helped him in reaching his goal. Within two years he was master in archery by his devotion.

Question 3.
What made Drona appreciate Ekalavya’s skill?
Answer: By seeing Ekalavya’s skillful trick of Shabdavedhi Drona appreciated Him. Ekalavya’s skill was uncomparable. It was an extraordinary skill.

Question 4.
How, according to Drona, did Ekalavya become a good archer?
Answer: According to Drona, Ekalavya became a good archer by his devotion. His devotion only made him a good archer.
C3. Answer the following questions after discussing with the other groups in the class.

Question 1.
Is it the duty of a student to protect the honour of the teacher?
Answer: Yes, It is the duty of every student to protect the honour of the teacher. Since the teacher is guru and God himself.

Question 2.
Narrate briefly the circumstances that made Ekalavya offer his right thumb as guru Dakshina to Drona.
Answer: Drona, Arjuna, and other princes and log with arrows in its mouth came to Ekalavya’s hut Drona praised Ekalavya for gaining skill in Archery and praised his teacher for imparting his skill. At this time Ekalavya toed the guru that he learned all the trickles of archery under his guidance He also impressed that it was very kind of him to visit his pupil. At this Arjuna asked guru that and he had promised to make him the greatest archer in the work. But this by has excelled him in archery, He also said that you are his Guru. At this point, Drona told Arjuna that he was always with the princes. The devoting their bay has made him a good archer. Now Drona asked Ekalavya his right thumb as Guru Dakshina. Ekalavya went to his idol bowed before it, took his knives from his belt, and cut his right thumb.

Question 3.
Discuss with your partner/teacher about Ekalavya’s guru-Dakshina.
Answer: Self – assessment.
Language work

G1. Look at these sentences, they have no punctuation marks at the end. Put the punctuation marks and classify the sentences. Write assertive, interrogative, exclamatory or imperative in the blanks given.
One is done for you.
1. Can you ride a motorbike? interrogative
2. Open the window. Imperative
3. Sugar is bad for your teeth Assertive
4. Please be quiet. Imperative
5. How hot is! Exclamatory
6. We went to Shirdi last month Assertive
7. What a rude man he is! Exclamatory
8. What are you doing there? Interrogative
9. Don’t speak to me like that again Imperative
10. How. quickly the holiday has passed! Exclamatory
11. Shall 1 help you with your shopping? Interrogative
12. The flight for Mumbai takes off at 11.30 p.rh. Assertive
13. Ekalavya went to the forest. Assertive
14. How happy he was to see Drona! Exclamatory
15. Get out of the way, my boy. Imperative
16. Clean the blackboard, please. Imperative
P1. A. Each word in this list contains a silent letter. Underline the silent letter in each word. Practice saying the words aloud.
One is done for you

P1B. Now put each word in the right col¬umn in this table

W2. Look at the sign-boards
How many grammatical and spelling and factual mistakes can you spot on these sign-boards? Correct and rewrite, there – by, their
1. Visitable – Vegetable
2. 11 Pm – 6 AM – 24 x 7 hours
W3. Word Puzzle
Try if you can shoot the ‘11’ archery words into position in the puzzle given below.
bow, quiver, forest, hit, chase, hunter, game, dart, arrow, archery, target.
Ekalavya Summary In English

Ekalavya is a small skit (play), which has only 2 scenes. The main characters of the play are Drona, Arjuna, Ekalavya and Pandava and KauraVa princes. Pandava and Kaurava princes learned all the tricks of archery and Arjuna asked Drona that they did not learn to shoot an unseen object. Drona answered that was Shabdavedhi, aiming at an object merely by hearing the sound. A boy enters and bows his head. He was Ekalavya. the son of Hiranya Dhanus, a bold hunter. Ekalavya came there to learn archery from Dronacharya in order to protect the fawns from greedy wolves. Arjuna objected that Drona should not accept Ekalavya as a disciple because Ekalavya was not a prince. Ekalavya requested, but Drona was binded by his vow. So Drona blessed him and Ekalavya made up his mind to learn archery by his blessing only. Ekalavya was determined and had a goal to protect the fawns. So he learnt archery more skillfully. He achieved his goal and fawns are free from trouble. Ekalavya made the statue of Drona and worshiped his guru. After two years, one day he heard the sound of dogs at a distance. He shot arrows in the direction of the sound. The sound stoped. Drona, Arjuna and other princes entered with the poor dog, with arrows in its mouth. Drona and Arjuna appreciate Ekalavya’s skill and felt his guru was really a great teacher. After knowing that his gum was none other than Drona himself Being jealous Arjuna accused Drona, that he has not kept his word. Drona asked Ekalavya’s thumb as Guru Dakshina. Ekalavya was a humble pupil he had great respect towards his gum, accepted. Without any hesitation, he cut his right thumb with a knife and placed it, in front of his gum Drona. Ekalavya asked gums blessing and Drona said that what a noble soul, God bless you. Drona blessed Ekalavya. Ekalavya was an ideal pupil and devoted to his gum. He sacrificed his skillful archery to his guru.

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