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DOG FINDS HIS MASTER - Class 6 First Language English Textbook Solutions

Pre- Reading
a.) Tell me the names of some pet animals and some domestic animals.
Answer: Pet animals- Cats, dogs, sheep, buffalo, camel, etc.

b.) Which animal can be tamed and used to do heavy work?
Answer: Horses, donkey, elephants, etc.

c.) Which animal is known as “Man’s best friend”? Why?
Answer:  Dog is known as “Man’s best friend.” It s honest with man and obeys every to every work.
1.) Speak to your partner about the points raised in these questions. Write down what you say.
a.) Why was the dog not happy with the way he was living?
Answer: The dog wanted to have a master of his own who was stronger than him. He was tired of wandering about himself and looking for food so he wanted a master who could give him food and protect him.
b.) With what words did the wolf reply to the dog? What did he mean by that?

Answer: When the dog became the servant of the wolf he felt that the wolf was stronger than him. But when the wolf saw the bear coming, he told the dog that the bear was stronger than the wolf.
c.) Why did the dog take up service with the bear?
Answer:  When the dog came to know that the bear was stronger than the wolf, then he decided to take the service with the bear.
d.) Why was the dog very much surprised?
Answer: The dog thought that the bear was stronger than the wolf or anybody else, but when the dog saw bear getting scared of the lion, he became surprised and came to know that there was someone who was stronger even than the bear, which was the lion.
e.) What did the bear say to the dog about the lion? Why did he say so?
Answer: The bear told the dog that it was the lion which was the strongest beast on the earth. He said so because even a strong animal like a bear was scared of the lion.
f.) What advice did the lion give to the dog?
Answer: When the lion smelled a man coming on their way, he advised the dog to run else they would have landed themselves in trouble.
2.) Tell your partner whether the following statements are true or false. Sometimes, you will have to give reasons for your answer.
a.) All dogs have followed the dog in this story. (T / F)True
b.) None of the masters put any condition to take the dog into his service. (T / F) True
c.) One of the masters took the dog to a feast. (T / F) FalseNone of the dog’s master took him to a feats.
d.) Each of the masters was angry with the dog for leaving his service. (T / F)False
e.) Anyone of the masters could have eaten the dog. (T / F) True
f.) At last the dog found a master who could do his duty properly. (T / F)True
4.) Use a phrase with “look” in the place of the italicized words in these sentences :

a.) He was eagerly waiting for his class X results.

Answer: He was looking forwardfor his class X results.
b.) We should not think someone less important because he / she cannot speak English fluently.
Answer: We should not look down onbecause he / she cannot speak English fluently
c.) Children admire and respect the teachers who inspire them.

Answer: Children look up tothe teachers who inspire them.
d) Shravanakumaratook great care of his parents.
Answer: Shravanakumaralooked afterhis parents.
5.) Sounds made by a few animals are given in the box. Match them with the animals given below and write them down in the space provided.
1.) Cats            –           Mew
2.) Donkeys     –           Bray
3.) Lions          –           Roars
4.) Dogs          –           Bark
5.) Mokeys      –           Chatter
6.) Cows          –           Moo
7.) Ducks         –           Quack
8.) Crows –  Caw
9.) Snakes  –  Hiss
10.) Horses –   Neigh
2.) Add an appropriate reflexive pronoun to each of these sentences.
yourself herself myself himself ourselves
a.) Mala stood in front of a mirror, looking at herself.
b.) Don’t blame me for your mistake; blame yourself.
c.) Arun bought three tickets, for me, for his brother, and for himself .
d.) There were mangoes on the tree. Sheela and I helped ourselves to a bagful each.
e.) I feel afraid sometimes, but I keep telling myself there’s nothing to fear.
f.) The principal usually asks the class leader to announce the day’s programme. This time she made the announcement herself.
g.) Do you mean they painted the whole house themselves?
h.) None of them was sure; I wasn’t sure myself.
i.) You have been serving lunch to everyone, why don’t you have some for yourself ?
Writing :
4.) We keep wild animals in our National Parks. If you visit a national park, you may find a notice with this instruction.


Write a paragraph about what we should do and what we should not do in a National Park.
When we are in a Nation Park, it is important to remember few things. We should not surprise them or speak in a loud voice. We should not tease the animals and not get angry if they don’t respond to us. We should not feed them anything, it is a wrong thing to do. It is wrong to teach them to beg. We should always keep quiet. We should always follow the park’s rules and regulations. We should watch the activities of the animals and enjoy it.
a) Do this blank-filling exercise jointly with your partner. Write the appropriate words in the blanks.
Usually a master dismisses a servant if he finds that the servant is not doing his duty properly. In this way, a servant leaves three of his masters, one leaves the other, when he sees that each one of masters cannot do his duty properly. The master’stime the servant is lucky. He stays with this master and serves him faithfully.

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