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BUTTOO - Class 10 1st Language English Textbook Solutions



Tarulata  Dutt,  also  known  as  Toru,  was  born  to  a Bengali  family  on  March  4,  1856  in  Rambagan, Manicktollah  Street,  in  erstwhile  Calcutta.  She  came from  a  liberal  family  where  education,  art  and linguistics  were  encouraged.  Her  ancestor  Nilmoni Dutt  had  settled  in  Calcutta  leaving  his  hometown  in Ajapur,  Burdwan  some  decades  before.  Nilmoni  Dutt, though a pious Hindu loved conversing to people from different  spheres  of  life.  As  a  result  the  family  was well  acquainted with  many Christian  missionaries and European  settlers,  which  was  a  sign  of  affluence  in those days.  Sometime  later  the  family  moved  to  Britain  where, Toru  pursued  her  education  in  Cambridge  along  with her  continued  French  lessons.  There  she  began corresponding  with  a  new  friend  Mary  Martin,  who would later become a source of information on her life. In 1873 the family returned to Bengal.

VI. Question and Answer

1. Why had Buttoo gone to Dronacharya?  
Ans:  - 
Buttoo  had  gone  to  Dronacharya  to  learn  the science of archery.   

2. How did Drona respond to Buttoo's request?
Ans: -
Buttoo was neither from a royal family nor rich. Hence he was rejected and driven away.   

3. "I came here to learn 'thy science', says Buttoo? What does 'thy science' refer to?  
- Dronachaiya's science refers to his expertise  in archery.   

4. Why did Buttoo revere Drona as his master?  
Ans:  - 
Buttoo  revered  Drona  as  his  master  because Drona  was  the  best  in  archery,  and  Buttoo  got  his inspiration and knowledge from him.  

5.  Buttoo  says  "All  that  I  have,  all  I  shall  conquer by  my  skill,  gladly  shall  Ito  thee  resign".  This shows Buttoo's a. reverence to Drona  
b. generosity  
c. gratitude  
d. foolishness  
Ans: -
(a) reverence to Drona.   

6.  "Rash  promises  ever  ends  in  strife."  By  saying this Drona is  
a) warning Buttoo of unpleasant consequences  
b) offering Buttoo a chance to change his stance  
c) hinting that his demand for recompense could be damaging or destructive to Buttoo  
d)  regretting  the  rash  promise  he  had  made  to Arjuna  
Ans: -
Both (c) and (d).  

7.  What  did  Drona  seek  from  Buttoo  as recompense?  
Ans:  -
  Drona  asked  for  Buttoo's  right-hand  thumb  as recompense.   

8.  What  justification  did  Drona  give  for  his  unfair demand?  
Ans:  -
  He  says  that  he  had  promised  Arjuna  that  he shall make Arjuna the best archer ever, and there shall be no equal to Arjuna at Archery.

9.  Discuss,  in  pairs,  the  great  qualities  of  Buttoo and write down any five.  
- Buttoo was low in caste but still aspired to be a great  archer.  He  was  also  very  dedicated  to  pursue knowledge.   Though  he  was  rejected  knowledge  by  Drona,  he  still worshipped  Drona  as  a  teacher  and  perfected  the science of archery  by  himself.  Buttoo was  never  vain, despite  his  talent;  he  was  humble  and  acknowledged Drona as his inspiration.   Butto  was  not  only  physically  strong  but  also emotionally  strong.  Even  unfairly  losing  his  vital thumb, knowing that he would never be a great archef, he  still  didn't  get  angry  or  reject  Drona,  he  left  the matter to God. He was at peace with nature and God.  Drona  also  saw  Butto  as  a  role  model  for  'self-help, truth  and  modesty'.  Conclusively  we  can  say 'dedication,  loyalty,  humility,  truthfulness, selflessness,  sacrificing  nature,  brilliance  in  his  art, intelligence, etc. are the great qualities of Butto.  '

10.  Discuss  the  following  in  groups  of  4  each  and write  in  a  paragraph.  Was  Drona  unfair  in  his demand?  
Ans:  - 
Drona  was  the  teacher  of  the  Pandava  and Kaurava  princes.  He  lived  under  their  patronage  and was responsible  for  making the princes the  best  in the land of their chosen areas of warfare.   Thus,  when  Buttoo  approached  him  for  help  in learning  the  art  of  archery,  Drona  rejected  him  and sent  him  away.  Probably  he  had  realized  that  Buttoo was  not  an  ordinary  hunter's  boy.  Yet  he  was  loyal  to the royal  family  and declined to teach Buttoo. Buttoo, on  his  part,  should  have  understood  the  sentiments  of Drona  and  stayed  away  from  archery.  But  he  did  not do  so.  He  created  an  image  of  Drona  and  learnt archery in front to it.   When Drona realized that Butto had turned out to be a greater archer than Arjuna, he foresaw the threat to the princes. When Buttoo also confessed that he had learnt it  secretively  from  Drona's  image,  Drona  got  his opportunity.   Very  shrewdly,  and  rather  ruthlessly,  he  asked  for the gift  of  his  right-hand  thumb  from  Buttoo,  and eliminated  all  competition  to  his  richer  and  more powerful students. He cannot be said to be unfair in his demand, though he was rather heartless.
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