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THE PIE AND THE TART - Class 10 1st Language English Textbook Solutions


I. About the Author

Hugh  Chesterman  is  a  published  author.  A  published credit  of  Hugh  Chesterman  is  Playing  with  history (Teaching of English series). He wrote many children's books  in  the  1920s  and  30s,  and  edited  a  children's magazine  called  The  Merry  Go  Round,  published  in Oxford  with  his  great  friend  Basil  Blackwell.  He  was married  to  Sylvia,  and  had  2  daughters,  Jenifer  and Elizabeth. Chesterman was killed during the 2nd WW. His grand and great grand children still  live on,  in the UK.  

1. "If I stop walking, I shall freeze", said Pierre. "I prefer to die sitting down", said Jean. This shows.  
a. that it was extremely cold in Paris on that day  
b. that Jean is quick-witted and reacts intelligently  
c.  their  ability  to  laugh  at  and  talk  lightly  about their miserable condition.  
- (c) their ability to laugh at and talk lightly about their miserable condition.   

2.  Why  was  Pierre  pinched?  How  did  he  defend himself before Judge Gaston?  
-  Pierre  was  arrested  for  begging.  He  defended himself before the judge saying that he begged because he wanted to live.  

3.  "I  really  don't  see  the  necessity",  said  Judge Gaston. This remark is a reflection on.  
a. the judge's insensitivity  
b. how people felt about vagabonds in those days  
c. the judge's sense of humor  
Ans: -
(a) the judge's insensitivity   

4.  What,  according  to  Pierre,  is  a  sure  sign  of starvation?  
- Squinting slightly is a sure sign of starvation.  

5.  Who  opens  the  door  of  the  cake-  shop  when Pierre knocks on it?  
- M. Gaultier, the owner of the cake shop, opens the door.  

6.  Pick  out  the  common  response  of  Gaultier  and Marion to the Vagabond's begging.  
-  Both  of  them  say,  "Go  away,  I've  got  nothing for  you." Gaultier  says that his wife  is away and  he  is busy,  whereas  Marion  says  that  her  husband  is  away and she is busy.   

7.  Choose  from  the  box  given  below  the phrases/adjectives  that  can  be  used  to  describe Gaultier. Marion and Pierre.  content  with  his  lot,  conceited,  hypocritical,  foolish A-stoutish,  clever,  has  presence  of  mind,  sensitive, comely,  generous,  kind,  quick-witted,  gullible, resourceful, pompous, excellent pastry cook.  
Ans:  - 
•  Gaultier:  content  with  his  lot,  hypocritical, foolish, sensitive, pompous, excellent pastry cook.  
• Marion: conceited, stoutish, comely, gullible.  
•  Pierre:  clever,  has  presence  of  mind,  quick-witted, resourceful.

 8.  "I  can't  very  well  be  seen  carrying  an  eel  pie through the streets of Paris. Can I?" says Gaultier.
This shows that he is  a) Lazy  b) wise  c) too conscious and proud of his position  
- (c) too conscious and proud of his position.   

9.  What  details  of  the  conversation  between  the baker and his wife help Jean in his planning?
Ans:  - 
The  baker  tells  his  wife  that  he  would  instruct the  messenger  to  kiss  his  wife's  hand.  This  helps  Jean in his planning.   

10. Why does Jean ask Pierre to get the pie instead of taking it himself?  
- Jean had already knocked once on the door and had already been seen by Marion.  

11.  How  does  the  playwright  bring  out  Pierre's nervousness  when  he  presents  himself  as  the messenger to carry the eel pie?  
Ans:  - 
Pierre  mixes  up  the  words  and  says,  "Good morning lady. I have come from M. Pie, who sends me to fetch the Gaultier — I should say I have come from M.  Gaultier,  who  sends  me  to  fetch  the  pie  —  the  eel pie."   

12.  How  was  Marion  going  to  identify  Gaultier's messenger?
Ans:  - 
The  messenger  had  to  ask  to  kiss  Marion's hand.   

13.  Jean  does  not  give  the  details  of  the conservation  between  the  baker  and  his  wife  to Pierre, as  
a) it is not necessary  
b) Jean wants to play the boss  c) Jean wants to take advantage of the situation  
Ans: -
(c) Jean wants to take advantage of the situation  

14.  Pick  out  any  one  comparison  that  Pierre mentions while describing to Marion how he would cany the eel pie?  
- Pierre gives many comparisons. One of them is 'as a shepherd with his eyes.  

15. Why does Pierre think he was dreaming?  
Ans: -
Marion handed the pie to Pierce very easily and looking  at  it,  in  his  extremely  hungry  state,  Pierre thinks he has been dreaming.   

16.  Why  do  the  vagabonds  go  back  to  the  bakery after eating the pie?  
Ans: -
Pierre tells Jean that when he was waiting at M. Gaultier's  door,  he  had  seen  a  cranberry  tart  which  he would like to be theirs now. He tells Jean to go and ask Marion for it in the same way that Pierre got the pie.   

17.  What  makes  Pierre  say  that  the  eels  "give themselves  up  to  Gaultier"?  What  does  it  tell  you about the baker?  
-  Pierre  means  that  Gaultier  is  such  a  wonderful baker  that  even  the  eels  wouldn't  mind  dying  at  his hands if they could only be used in his wonderful pies. Since  Pierre  mentions  that  even  the  tart  looked  very inviting,  we  conclude  that  Gaultier  is  an  excellent baker.  

18. What is the only one fault that Pierre finds with the eel pie?  
- Pierre thinks the only fault with the pie was that there was only one pie and not two.   

19.  Who  opens  the  door  when  Jean  goes  to  get  the tart?  
- Marion opens the door.   

20.  Does  Jean  get  the  tart?  What  happens  to  him? Why?  
Ans: -
No. Jean does not get the tart. M. Gaultier runs out  of  the  shop  and  starts  cudgeling  him.  Gaultier thinks  that  it  was  Jean  who  had  come  to  take  the  pie before.    

21. Why did Jean lie to Pierre and send him to fetch the tart?  
Ans:  - 
Jean  resented  the  beating  he  had  got  at  M. Gaultier's  hands,  and  wanted  Pierre  to  experience  the same since he too had eaten the pie with Jean.

22.  What  did  Jean  tell  Pierre  to  convince  him  that Pierre should go to get the tart?  
-  Jean  tells  that  Marion  wanted  the  same messenger  who  took  the  pie  to  take  the  tart  too.  He also  says  that  no  matter  how  many  times  he  kissed Marion's hand, she wouldn't budge an inch.   

23.  Give  one  example  to  show  that  Marion  has  a good sense of humour.  
Ans: -
Marion asks Gaultier to choose a good-looking messenger as her hand is not for everyone to kiss.
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