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“Jazz Poem Two”-10th Standard 2nd Language English Notes

Poem-5 “Jazz Poem Two”

Multiple choice questions
1. The jazz player is
A.handsome B.joyful C.pathetic D.great

2. The jazz musician looking like
A. bird B. saxophone C.Coleridge D.ancient mariner

3. The face of the jazz musician is wrinkled because of his
A. profession B.happiness C. wearies of living D.old age

4. Which of the following phrases do not match with the appearance of Jazz player?
A.closed eyes B.frayed-collar C. faded-blue old shirt D.happy laughter

5. The jazz player’s shoes have in them
A. socks B.paper C. cloth D.cushion

6. The jazz player compares himself to a
A. bird B. saxophone C.Coleridge D.ancient mariner

7. “There he stands, see? Like a black Ancient mariner’-the figure of speech employed here is
A. personification B.metaphor C. simile D.synecdoche

8. The musical instrument mentioned in the poem ‘Jazz Poem Two’ is
A. flute B. tabla C. saxophone D. Sitar

Answer the following in two or three sentences (2 marks)
1. Describe the pathetic condition of the jazz player.
Ans: The jazz player’s face is black and wrinkled with no interest in life.His face is turned down with closed eyes.He is wearing a faded-blue shirt with frayed collar.It looks dark due to the sweat.He is wearing a worn out jacket.his shoes are torn with paper inside them.His face is unshaven and looking painful.

2. How has the jazz player held his instrument?
Ans:The jazz player closed his eyes but ears are perked concentrate upon the bass line for across his chest.His instrument is supported from his neck by a wire coat hanger.He gently lifts it to the parted lips.He forgets all his pain and believes he has a message of jazz to keep the people happy.He plays it enthusiastically.

3. Why do you think the jazz player keeps his head down?
Ans: The jazz player keeps his down because he has no enthusiasm in his life as he feels his poor and pathetic condition.

4. How does the jazz player inspires us to life of joy when he plays the instrument?
Ans: The jazz player is in a sad mood when he does not play jazz.But when he he plays it ,he gets enthusiasm and plays screaming notes and claims that he is not a man but happy bird flying higher and higher.

Extracts(3 marks)
Read the extracts and answer the questions that follow;
1 “Now preaching it with words of screaming notes and chords.”
A.Who is the preacher here? Ans” The jazz player is the preacher here.
B.What is he preaching’it’ here? Ans: The jazz player is preaching the gospel of jazz.
C. What does he compare himself to? Ans: He compares himself to the bird that flies higher and higher.

2.”He is no longer a man, no, not even a Black man”
A. Who is the man here? Ans: The man here is the jazz player.
B. He says ‘’he is not a man”Then what else is he? Ans: He is a bird that flies higher and higher.
C. When is he no longer man? Ans.: As the Jazz player begins to play on his Saxophone he is a changed man.
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