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Carbon and Its Compounds–10th Science Learning Cards

Carbon and Its Compounds
Learning Card-1
Choose the correct answer:
1. Friedrich whole’s prepared the organic compound
a) Vegetable Oil b) Urea c) Sucrose d) Calcium phosphate
2. Unique property of Carbon is
a) Forming covalent bond b) Semi conductivity
c) Catenation, tetraradency, Isomerism d) Forming ionic bond
3. Hydrocarbons are the compounds of
a) C,H,O b) C,H c) H,CO2 d) CO2, H2O
4. The molecular formula in Alkane containing 5 carbon atom is
a) C5H8 b) C5H12 c) C5H5 d) C
5. The functional group present in Benz aldehyde is
a) -OH b) -COOH c) -CHO d) –NH2
Question and Answers:
1. Define vital force theory who proved it false.
Organic compounds were synthesized in living systems under the influence of vital force.
Friedrich whole’s proved it false.
2. What is catenation?
Carbon has the unique ability to form bonds with other atoms of carbon giving rise to a large molecule. This property of inter connecting c-c bonds is called catenation.
3. Name the simplest hydrocarbon.
Methane CH4
4. Mention the use of Toluene
1) Solvent for oils fats, Paints, laciuers, resin etc.
2) Manufacture of TNT (trainitrotolucne) explosive.
5. Write the molecular structural formula of benzene.
6. What is functional group? Mention any two functional groups.
Functional groups are the siles where reactions occur in organic molecules.
7. Alcohols have covalent bond why?
Unlike bases (-OH) functional group shares electron with carbon atom hence alcohol have covalent bond.
8. Write the molecular structural formula of cyclohexane.
9. What are fatty acids? Live an example.
Long chain alkanes or alkenes if contains a terminal carboxylic acid group (-COOH) are called fatty acids.
Ex : Stearic acid (C17H35COOH)
Carbon and Its Compounds
Learning Card-2
Choose the correct answer:
1. C3H4 is the formula of
a) Propane b) Butane c) Propene d) Propyne
2. In ethane, each carbon is bonded by,
a) Six atoms b) Three atoms c) Eight Atoms d) one atom
3. The functional group of Acetic Acid is
a) - COOH b) -OH c) -CHO d) –NH2
Question and Answers:
1. What does IUPAC represent?
International Union for pure Applied chemistry
2. Write the molecular formula & structural formula of toluene.

3. Methane is called marsh gas. Give reasons.
It is formed in the marshy places by the bacterial decomposition of vegetable matter called marshy gas.
4. What are Hydrocarbons? Give its economic importance.
Hydrocarbon are the compounds containing carbon and Hydrogen.
Hydrocarbons are economically important such as
a) Fossil fuels b) Plastics c) Paraffin wax solvents. d) Oils
5. Define Isomerism with an example.
Organic compounds having same molecular formula with different structural arrangement of atoms in them is known as Isomerism
Eg:-Butane (C4H10)
6. Draw a neat labelled diagram of preparation of methane gas.
7. Write a balanced equation for complete combustion of methane.
CH4 (g) + 2O2 (g) CO2 (g) + 2H2O (L)
8. Define the following: a) Catalyst b) Organic chemistry c) Homologues series.
a) The substance used to increase the rate of reaction is called catalyst.
b) The branch of chemistry which deals with carbon & its compound.
c) A homologous series are the organic compounds with same general formula, similar, chemical properties and successive members differs by - CH2
9. Write any two uses of the following
a) Benzene
a) Used as solvent for oils fat b) Manufacture of dyes perfumes
b) Toluene
a) Solvent for oils, fat, paints b) Manufacture of TNT
c) Naphthalene
a) As in insecticides in the form of moth balls b) In the synthesis of dyes.
10. How many hydroxyl groups present in glycerol.
3 Hydroxyl groups present in glycerol
Carbon and Its Compounds
Learning Card-3
Choose the correct answer:
1. The following is an organic compound
a) Calcium carbonate b) Sodium bicarbonate c) Carbon dioxide d) Citric acid
2. The Organic solvent is.
a) Water b) hydrogen peroxide c) hydrochloric acid d) Carbon tetra Chloride.
3. When the three atoms of in methane are substituted by three chlorine atoms, we get.
4. a) DDT b) Chloroform c) ethyl alcohol d) CFC (chlorofluorocarbon)
5. The number of hydrogen atoms to be added to benzene to make its cyclohexane is
6. a) Two b) Three c) Four d) Six
7. C4H10 is the molecular formula of
8. a) Methane b) Butene c) Butane d) Propane
Question and Answers:
1. Why alkanes are chemically stable?
The alkanes are saturated compounds or single bond compounds.
2. Name the reaction that is commonly used in the conversion of vegetable oils to fats.
3. Write the molecular formula of Alkanes & Alkenes containing 4 carbon atoms.
Alkanes (C4H10) Alkenes (C4H8)
4. Write the structural formula & molecular formula of Toluene?
5. State homologous series and confirm with an example.
Homologous series are the organic compounds with same general formula and successive members differs by –CH2
6. Write the electronic configuration of carbon in exited state.
1S2, 2S2, 2P1x, 2P1y, 2P1z
7. Differentiate between saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons.
Saturated Hydrocarbons Unsaturated Hydrocarbons
1. Single Bond 1. Two or More bonds
2. General Formula CnH2n+2 2. General Formula CnH2n and CnH2n-2

8. Write the significance of organic chemistry.
Organic compounds used as Dyes Perfumes, Pharmaceutical etc.
9. Name the simplest Amino acid present in proteins.
10. What are poly functional compounds?
Organic compounds having more than one functional group is called poly functional group.
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