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Alternative Sources of Energy–10th Science Learning Cards


Alternative Sources of Energy

Learning Card-1

Choose the correct answer and write.

1. Which of the following is not a biomass energy source

a) Gobar gas b) Coal c) Dry wood d) Nuclear energy

2. Minimum speed of wind to operate generator to produce electricity is

a)8m/s b) 25m/s c) 30m/s d) 100 m/s

3. Which the place in India where wind mills are aplenty is

a) Kanyakumari b) Meerut c)Bengaluru d) Jaduguda

4. Geothermal energy has a temparature about

a) 5000C b) 3000C c) 130000C d) 13000C

5. Geotherma energy is obtained from the heat present at depth of

a) 10Km from surface of earth.

b) 20 Km from the surface of the earth.

c) 1300 Km from surface of earth.

d) 40 Km from the surface of the earth.


Question and Answers

1. What are the non-renewable sources of energy? Give two examples

Resources which are exhausted after continuous use and take a long time to replenish are called non-renewable or exhaustible resources.

Eg: Coal, petroleum, minerals etc.

2. What are renewable sources of energy? Give two examples.

Resources which are not exhausted even after continues use and can replenished quickly in nature are called renewable or inexhaustible resources.

Ex: Solar Energy, air, water, soil, forest, wild life.

3. What are the advantageous of having non-conventional sources of energy?

* They are in exhaustible

* They are not concentrated over an area.

4. What is Solar Energy? How it reaches the earth? What is the cause of solar energy?

The energy obtained from sun in the form of heat and light is called solar energy. Continuous thermo nuclear fusion reaction taking place inside the sun, this is the source of solar energy. Solar energy reaches earth in the form of electromagnetic radiations.

5. What are solar collectors? Give any 2 examples

The devices which convert solar energy into thermal energy and stores them are called solar collectors.

Ex. Solar, Cooker, Solar pond.

6. What is the principle of a Solar Cell?

The principle of solar cell is photo voltaic effect.

7. What is bio-energy?

Energy produced by the biological matter is called bioenergy.

8. How is bio energy advantageous?

* It offers clean fuel for energy.

* It maintains an unpolluted environment and reduces the carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere.

9. Write any two plants which are directly or indirectly used to prepare biodiesel.

* Jatropha

* Pongamia Pinnata (Honge)

10. How is electricity generted from wind energy?

The Kinetic energy of the wind is utilized to rotate wind mills which converts wind energy into electrical energy.

11. What are the limitations of wind energy?

* It cannot be installed everywhere.

* Wind speed is not same throughout the year.

12. Where do you find the largest collectors of wind mills in India?

Near Kanyakumari in Tamil Nadu.

13. What should be the speed of wind to convert it in to electrical energy?

The speed of wind should be between 8 and 22 m per sec.

14. What are wind mills?

The devices which convert wind energy in to electrical energy called wind mills.

15. Which places in India are suitable to install the plants which covert wave energy in to electrical energy?

The tropical coastline of our country, especially the south west coast line, is found to be highly suitable for establishing energy conversion plants.

16. What are the limitations of wave energy?

* The cost of energy conversion per unit is very high.

* It can’t be produced everywhere.

17. What is geothermal energy?

Thermal energy hidden in the earth’s crust is called geothermal energy.

18. Write any two places in India where geothermal energy is used?

Puga, Manikaran, Tatapani and Bakneshwar.


Learning Card-2

Choose the correct answer and write.

1. The energy from the sun reaches us in the form of

(a) Atoms (b) photons (c) particles (d) sound

2. Solar collections are used in

(a) Heating water (b) cooking food (c) deslaynisation of sea water (d) all the above

3. Solar panels used in traffic signals work on the principle of

(a) Electrolysis (b) Photosynthens (c) Photoelectric effect (d) Chemical combination

4. The following cities of India may be suitable for installing wave energy source

(a) Bangalore (b) Delhi (c) Mangalore (d) Hyderabad

5. The major contributor in producing energy from waste in towns and cities is

(a) Sugar industry (b) Paper industry (c) Domestic waste (d) All the above

6. Bio mass is considered as a renewable sourced energy if

(a) more and more plants are cut periodically

(b) more and more animals all killed periodically

(c) more and more plants are grown periodically

(d) old plants are saved and no new plants are grown

7. If you are living in North Pole, the type of alternate source of energy, you cannot use is

(a) Geothermal energy (b) Solar collections (c) Wind mill (d) All the above

8. 'Swatch Bharath Abhiyan' can also target the production of energy from

(a) Industrial waste (b) Domestic waste (c) Municipal waste (d) Chemical waste

9. One major advantage of geothermal energy over other alternate source of energy is

(a) It can be harvested throughout the year

(b) It is cheap

(c) It can produce more energy

(d) It can be produced everywhere


Question and Answers

1. Differentiate between solar cells and solar collections.

* Solar cells: Convert solar energy in to electrical energy

* Solar collections: Convert solar energy into thermal energy

2. Write the advantages of Jatropha over other plants of similar use?

Jatropha is a hardy plant which can grow on any type of soil, under any kind of agro climate conditions. The plant can easily be propagated through seeds or stem cuttings. It grows very fast. Moreover it is not grazed by animals even during periods of drought.

3. What is the advantage of wave energy over wind energy?

Wave energy is more reliable than wind energy since the fluctuations are comparatively less pronounced.


Learning Card-3

Choose the correct answer and write.

1. The diagram shows how geothermal Energy can be harnessed which instrument should be placed at B, to obtain useful form of energy.


a) Dynamo b) Motor c) Turbine and dynamo d) Dynamo and motor

2. Photons which fall on atoms, displace electronics. This principle is the basis is for

a) Solor pond b) Solar cell c) Solar water heaters d) Solar collectors

3. The part of our country which is more suitable to harnessing solar energy

a) Kanyakumari region b) Benglal region c) Himachal region d) Rajasthan region


Question and Answers

1. “The availability of energy is linked with the economy of the country” Justify this statement?

More the energy available more the production of the other goods, by next commercial processes country can gain its capital.

2. Government should encourage the use of ethanol in the transport vehicles Give scientific reasons.

* It is Produced by molasses which is a waste in sugar industry

* It burns releasing Co2 and H2o which causes very less pollution.

* Farmers can get more cost per unit ton.

3. Write a note on energy from waste.

Waste generated in towns cities and industries can be converted in to energy. Such a conversion not only yields energy but also supports recycles of materials which decreases the demand of fresh raw materials.



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