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The Cow - Class 5th Second Language English Textbook Solutions

The Cow

C1 Answer the following questions and share your answers with your partner. Then write the answers in your notebook.

1. What does the cow give us?

Ans : The cow gives us cream.

2. Where does she walk?

Ans : She walks among the meadow grass.

3. What does she eat?
Ans : She eats t5he meadow flowers.

4. ‘In what kind of air’ does the cow wander?
Ans : The cow wanders in the pleasant open air.

5. Who has written this poem?

Ans : Robert Louis Stevenson

A2 List these animals under Domestic Animals and Wild Animals:

Fox, tiger, dog, cow, elephant, bear, sheep, goat, lion, ox, buffalo, giraffe .
Ans : Domestic Animals Wild Animals
1.    dog 1. fox
2.    cow 2. tiger
3.    sheep 3. elephant
4.    goat 4. bear
5.    ox 5. lion
6.    buffalo 6. giraffe

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