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Shabale - Class 5th Second Language English Textbook Solutions


C1 Answer the following questions and share your answers with your partner. Then write.

1.    Who was vasishta ?

Ans : Vasishta was sage.

2.    Where did he live ?
Ans : He lived in a hermitage in a forest.

3.    What was special about shabale ?

Ans : Shabale gave Vasishta food, drink, clothes anything he asked for. She provided milk and milk products to offer to God. She was also capable of producing fierce worriors tom  protect her master.

4.    What did kaushika ask vasishta ?
Ans : Kaushika asked Vasishta to give Shabale to him in exchange for ten thousand cows.

5.    What did kaushika realize ?
Ans : Kaushika realized that he was not powerful enough and could not win anything by force.

C2 Read the sentences and put them in the appropriate columns
• She gave him food, drink, clothes etc.
• She underwent an amazing change.
• She was producing fierce warriors to protect her master.
• Her head and neck grew larger.
• Balls of fire came out from her tail.
• Many soldiers came out from her mouth, udder and her sides.

Language Exercises

L1 Write the past tense forms of:
1.    pray – prayed
2.    drag – dragged
3.    refuse – refused
4.    give – gave
5.    ask – asked
6.    go – went
7.    order – ordered
8.    kill – killed
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