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Paper Boats - Class 5th Second Language English Textbook Solutions

 Paper Boats

C1 Answer the following questions in two to three sentences each.

1. How many boats did the child float?

Ans : Day by day, one by one

2. Why did the child write its name on the boat?
Ans : She writes her name and address, so that people in the distant land the boat will know about her.

3. What did the child load the boat with?

Ans : Child loaded the boat with Shiuli flowers.

4. What did the child dream at night?
Ans : Under the midnight stars, her paper boat is floating. The boat is full of fairies of sleep and the cargo they carry was dreams.

C2 Pick out words or phrases from the poem that mean the following:
1.    flowing water s t r e a m.
2.    flowers that b l o s s o m
3.    in the early morning S h i u l i.
4.    set the paper boats afloat l a u n c h.
5.    imaginary friend p l a y m a t e.

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