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My Land - Class 5th Second Language English Textbook Solutions

 My Land

C1 Answer the following questions:

1. How is the native land?

Ans : Native land is prolific. One can’t forget the beauty if Ireland. She is the apple of one’s eye, like this poet goes on describing his native land.

2. How are the men or women in this land?
Ans : Men are the bravest on earth and women are not scared of anything.

3. Write a short paragraph of five sentences on India -My Motherland.
Ans : India is a land of cultural heritage there is unity in diversity. National integration and it’s promotion is of high order. India is the largest democratic country in the world. India is proud of many things example Taj Mahal. In one and same country we can see many different kinds of art and architectural styles. India woman, the most respected by all men.

A1 Write the opposites of the following words
1.    dull X bright
2.    brave X coward
3.    warm X cold
4.    fearful X fearless
5.    plenty X scarce

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