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Children of Courage Bravery Awards - Class 5th Second Language English Textbook Solutions

 Children of Courage Bravery Awards

C1 Answer the following questions:

1. When was the first Bravery Award for children given in India?

Ans : On 2nd October 1957, a fire broke out in a Shamiana through a short circuit at Delhi’s
Rsmlils grounds at the Red fort. India’s first Prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru was present
there watching the programme. Harish Chandra, a scout boy quickly cut open the Shamiana
of trapped people. The first Bravery Award for children was given to Harish Chandra on the
eve of Republic Day 1958. This tradition was started by Pandit Nehru and continues till

2. Why are the Bravery Awards given?
Ans : The Bravery Awards are given to inspire the children to act bravely at times of danger
and save life and property of people around them.

3. What is the age group that is considered for the Bravery Awards?
Ans :Children below the age of 16 are considered for the Bravery Award.

4. What do the awardees receive?
Ans : The awardees receive a Medal, a certificate and cash as a token of appreciation of
their valour. Some of them are granted financial assistance to complete their higher

C2 Discuss the stories of bravery that you have read. Decide which act impressed you the most and write it down as a note.

Use these sentence beginnings:

• I feel that the disposal of a live grenade with bare hands (name the action) was a very
brave act.
• The child who did this is Kumari Maibam Prity Devi from Manipur. She/he was 10 years
old when this happened.
• I think it was very brave because she risked her life to save people (give the reason).

Fill in the blanks with suitable adjectives choosing the correct word from the brackets.
1.    This is an adventure story. (adventure/adventurous)
2.    She is a beautiful girl. (beautiful/beauty)
3.    He is a young boy. (young/youth)
4.    This is a tall tree. (tall /high)
5.    Our teacher is good to us. (better/good)
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