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UTTANKA’S GURUDAKSHINA - Class 7th First Language English Textbook Solutions

– Mrinalini Sarabhai
D.) Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing :

Ask, or answer these questions, taking turns with your partner, Tell him/her why your answer is correct. Quote from the text if necessary. Write down your answers.

1.) Who did Uttanka feel indebted to? Why?

Answer: Uttanka learnt from his master, took knowledge but didn’t returned anything hence, he felt indebted.
2.) Uttanka was indebted to the Guru’s wife too. (True/Not true)
Answer: Not true.
3.) The master told Uttanka what he owed to him. (True/Not true)

Answer: Not true.
4.) Uttanka made obeisance to his Guru’s wife before speaking to her. (True/Not true)
Answer: True.
5.) The Guru’s wife answered the boy’s question in the affirmative. (True/Not true)

Answer: True.
6.) What was the Guru’s wife’s long-cherished wish?

Answer: Guru’s wife’s long cherished wish was to wear the ear-rings worn by the queen.
7.) “This will be a test of your devotion to me,” said the Guru’s wife. (True/Not true)

Answer: True.
8.) Uttanka felt frightened and hopeless to hear her words. (True/Not true)
Answer: True.
9.) Describe Uttanka’s meeting with the strange man.
Answer: After not going too far he saw huge bull close to him and a strange man seaing upon it. The man was so large that the Uttanka afraid and drew back in fear. That man gave something to drink and Uttanka drank it.
10.) Read paragraphs 9 to 14. Think about the character of the king and the queen. Tell your partner your opinion about them.
Answer: The King was very nice and kind with smile on his face, he heard Uttanka and let him meet the queen. The queen was also good and generous, she immediately gave him earrings. She was caring too and tolt him about the challenges he will face due to the earrings.
11.) Uttanka did something wrong in following the queen’s instructions. What was that? What made him do a thing like that?
Answer: Uttanka was tired hence he rested and kept the ear-rings on the ground and thin is the wrong he did even though the queen warned him about the danger.
12.) Who stole the ear-rings? How?
Answer: When Uttanka was tired, he kept the earing and leaned for rest and suddenly he saw a hand snatched the ear-rings and disappear. The man was dressed in rags and ran through the forest. It was the Serpent King who stole the ear-ring.
13.) After that, Uttanka met some people. Who were they? How did they help him?

Answer: After the incident Uttanka met an old man who told him about thunder and lightning and a great thunderbolt. He also talked about the shaking earth and the big hole in the ground. After that when he reached in the kingdom of serpent, he met two women weaving a piece of cloth and the cloth was black and white which is symbol of night and day. Then he met god of fire and asked him for favour.
14.) What did the serpent citizens do? Why?

Answer: When horse’s body blew the fire darts the kingdom of serpent was burning all serpent citizens were rushed out for life the serpent king came out to save the life of citizen.
15.) The silent ones he met were the strongest ones. Do you agree? Comment.
Answer: Yes, the god of fire, women weaving black and white cloth was symbol of night and day and the six boys turning the wheel round and round were the symbol of time and they were silent and the god of rain was also silent.
Fill in the blanks with the past participle.
Write a present participle in one blank :

a.) Give me that torn shirt. I will get it steeched.
b.) We were trying to see our flag, floating on the peak.
c.) They were pushed back by the police.
d.) The train had already arrived when we reached the station.
e.) They were defeated, but they were not discouraged.
f.) Don’t leave any of these questions unanswered.
ii.) The Prefix
Make three words using each prefix given and write them down. Refer to the dictionary if necessary. Race with your partner to test your dictionary reference skill.

a.) dis ______ : i. disapprove, ii. disagree, iii. dishonest
b.) im ______ : i. immortal ii. Imperfectiii. impolite
c.) in ______ : i. insecure ii. incapable iii. inaccurate
d.) un ______ : i. unimportant ii. unable iii. unaware
e.) non ______ : i. nonsense ii. nonactive iii. non-existent
f.) mis ______ : i. misbehave ii. misread iii. Misspell
Write five sentences, one for each word you have made.

Example : The king disapproved of the way in which Uttanka was dressed.
i.) The king was immortal.
ii.) The image was imperfect.
iii.) The student was impolite.
iv.) The cat was feeling insecure.
v.) The baby is incapable to walk.
vi.) The measurement was inaccurate.
vii.) The notes areunimportant.
viii.) Suresh was unable to stand.
ix.) Suresh was unaware of the danger.
x.) Some people talk nonsense to break unity of India.
xi.) The dog is nonactive.
xii.) The wind was non-existent.
xiii.) The person continued to misbehave.
xiv.) I misread the paragraph.
xv.) I misspell the spelling.
Use these phrases to make a sentence :
of each hand / in a loop of string / A cat’s cradle / in which / is a child’s game / patterns and constructions/ held between the fingers.
Answer: A cat’s cradle is a child’s game in which patterns and constructions in a loop of string of each handheld between the fingers.
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