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THE SEA SONG - Class 7th Third Language English Textbook Solutions

Write ‘L’ for the things available on land and ‘W’ for those found in water within the brackets provided for each of the words.
Fish (W), parrot (L), shell (W), cart (L),
Ship (W), ox (L), whale (W), crocodile (W),
Horse (L), tortoise (W)
A.) Comprehension :
Answer the following questions :
1.) Where did the child find the sea shell?

Answer: The child found the sea shell lying on the sand.
2.) The shape of the shell was curly.
a) oval (b) curly (c) round.
3) Where did the child take the shell to?
Answer: The child took the shell home.
4) What did the child’s mother do?
Answer: The child’s mother held the sea shell to his ears and sang a song.
II.) The child took the shell in his hands near his ears and heard the song.
We use different part of our body for different purposes. Complete the poem by filling them with the right names of the parts of your body.

1) I see with my eyes.
2) I walk with my legs.
3) I smell with my nose.
4) I taste with my tongue.
5) I comb my hair every day.
6) I brush my teeth every morning.
III. Read the following lines
“Mummy looked at it and then she held it to my ear”, So, you call your mother mummy.
In the same way we also call the other members of our family by short names, here are the names of the members of family under column ‘A’ and their forms in column ’B’ Match them.

1.) Father                     –           Daddy
2.) Grandfather                       –           Grandpa
3.) Grandmother         –           Grandma
4.) Aunt                       –           Aunty
IV.) Read the pairs of rhyming words
You can form as many words as possible by replacing just one letter
For example: sand- hand- and – and.
In the same way add one letter in the box and form words. You can also refer to a dictionary.

1) ear – clear –        year – fear
2) sing –       ring – wing
3) cold –      sold – gold
4) hard –      card – yard
5) wish –          fish- dish

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