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THE OLYMPIC CHAMPION AND THE DUCKS - Class 7th Third Language English Textbook Solutions

A.) Comprehension
I) Choose the right answer from the choices given and put a ( ) mark against it:

1.) Bobby was an Australian.

a) an American
b) a Dutchman
c) an Australian
2.) Bobby’s father was a rowing champion.
a) boxing champion
b) rowing champion
c) football champion
3.) Bobby slowed his boat down because he wanted to save the ducklings.
a) he was tired
b) he wanted to save the ducklings
c) he thought he could not over take Myers
4.) “Bobby is that kind of a bloke.” This was said by Bobby’s friends.
a) Bobby’s father
b) Ken Myers
C) Bobby’s friends
II.) Based on the lesson, fill in the boxes with the correct information
1.) Bobby Pearce was born.
2.) He started rowing at the age of five.
3.) He competed in the Olympic Games at 21.
4.) He competed in the Olympics Games against Myers.
5.) He saved the lives of ducklings.
6.) He won the Olympics Games in 1928.
III.) Answer the following questions:
1.) How did Bobby become interested in rowing?

Answer: Bobby Pearce had great interest in rowing since his childhood. When he was just five years old, he rowed around the Sydney harbor in a small boat. At the age of six, he won his first race and this is how his interest for rowing kept growing.
2.) What instances in the lesson will tell you that Bobby was interested in rowing right from his  childhood?

Answer: When Bobby was just five years old, he rowed around the Sydney harbor in a small boat. At the age of six, he won his first race these two instances in the lesson show that Bobby was interested in rowing right from his childhood.
3.) Bobby slowed down his boat during the rowing race to save the ducklings. What quality/qualities of Bobby do you admire?

Answer: What I admire about Bobby the most is his kind nature and passion for rowing. Bobby was a great sculler whose kind nature saved the lives of ducklings.
B.) Vocabulary :
IV.) Complete the following passage by filling in the right words given in the box. Change the form of the words wherever necessary. An example is given.

Ram has a boat; he rows it. His brother has a motorbike; herides it. His sister has a car; she drives it. His father is a pilot; he flies an aeroplane , and his servant has a cart and he draws it.
V.) Complete the following sentences by choosing the right words given in brackets:
a.) I have to wait in a queue to check my weight.
b.) My brother won medals in school sports, two gold and one Silver.
c.) Ear check up camp is held every year in my school.
d.) My mother stood by the road to buy vegetables.
C.) Language in use :

VI.) Read the following sentence :

Suddenly, Bobby saw a duck and her brood of ducklings swimming across the canal.
Look at the underlined word. It is used to refer to a group of ducklings. These are called ‘Collective Nouns’. Now fill in the blanks with the collective nouns given in the box.

1.) A class of students was waiting for the teacher.
2.) A herd of elephants was eating sugarcane.
3.) I met an army of soldiers in Kashmir.
4.) A flock of sheep was grazing in the field.
5.) My father kept a bunch of keys on the table.
VIII.) Look at the picture and complete the sentences, with correct prepositions given in the small bubble.
1.) The TV is on the desk.
2.) The boy is standing near the TV.
3.) The water is in the jug.
4.) The fridge is beside the door.
5.) The sofa is between the fridge and the boy.
6.) The pen is under the sofa.
X.) Listen to your teacher as she/ he reads about Sachin Tendulkar and then answer the questions that follow:
1) Who is the speaker?

Answer: Sachin Tendulkar is the speaker.
2) Which state does he belong to?

Answer: He belongs to Maharashtra.
3) What game did he play?
Answer: He played cricket.
4) At what age did he begin his international career?
Answer: He began his international career when he was sixteen.
5) What was the award given to him?
Answer: He was awarded with Bharat Ratna.
F) Writing

X) This is the symbol of the Olympic Games. With the help of this, write the answers for the following questions :

1.) How many rings are there in the symbol?

Answer: There are five rings in the symbol.
2.) How many continents does each circle represent?

Answer: Each circle represents one continent.
3.) Which continent does your country belong to?
Answer: My country belongs to Asian continent.
4.) What do you understand by the symbol?
Answer: Each circle is interlinked with other which shows the connection and bond with each other.
5.) Which of the following proverbs best describes the above symbol?
a.) Too many cooks spoil the dish.
b.) United we stand divided we fall.
c.) Birds of the same feather flock together.
XI.) Read the following passage and complete the flow chart:
Swami Vivekanada  –   Narendranath
Mother                     –           Bhuvaneshwari Devi
Father                      –           Vishwanath Dutta
Teacher                    -          Sri Ramakrishna

1.) Good at sports
2.) Good at singing
3.) Liked to meditate

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