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The Magical Chisel - Class 7th Third Language English Textbook Solutions

 The Magical Chisel
Pre-reading Activity :

Names of tools/materials are given in column ‘A’ and the pictures of persons who use them are given under column ‘B’ match them:

1.) Brush, Paints, Ladder
2.) Chisel, Hammer, Hand saw
3.) Black board, piece of chalk, Ruler
4.) Stethoscope, Thermometer, Syringe & needle Sewing machine, Measuring tape
5.) Thread & needle
The Magical Chisel (Play)
A) Comprehension :
I.) Answer the following questions after discussing the answers in your group :
1.) Why did Somu look worried in the beginning of the play?

Answer:  Somu looked worried in the beginning of the play because he couldn’t make enough money from his carpentry.
2.) What was the speciality of the magic chisel?
Answer:  The power of the magic chisel was that it could make furniture with fragrance.
3.) On what condition did the angel give the chisel to Somu?
Answer:  The angel gave the chisel to Somu by laying one condition that he should never be greedy.
4.) What made Somu give away the doll to the princess?
Answer:  The princess offered Somu a bag full of gold coins for the doll which made Somu greedy and he gave away the doll to the princess which was meant for Sundari.
5.) Why did the chisel lose its magic power?
Answer:  The angel had put condition of not getting greedy while using chisel else it would lose its power. But Somu got greedy when he was given the bag of gold coins and this is how the chisel lots its magic power.
II.) Discuss with your friend and fill in the circles with correct information.
1.) The main character of the play Somu.
2.) The carpenter gives away doll in return for bag of gold coins.
3.) The female characters in the play are the angel, the princess and Sundari.
III.) Based on your understanding of the play, circle the right word given in each of the boxes to complete the statements. One example is given.
1.) Somu works from morning to evening. So he is hard working.
2.) The angel gives Somu a magic chisel. She is kind.
3.) The chisel helps Somu make furniture with fragrance. It is special.
4.) Somu finally gives the doll to the princess.
5.) The magic chisel loses its power because of Somu’s greed.
B.) Magic with the words:
IV.) Here are some people who do different jobs. What are they called? Complete the sentences by filling the words.

1.) A person who looks after a garden is a gardener.
2.) A person who cuts hair is a barber.
3.) A person who flies an aeroplane is a pilot.
4.) A person who drives a bus is called a driver.
5.) A person who makes ornaments out of gold is a gold smith.
V.) With the help of clues given below write a three-letter word in each triangle. One example is given.

1.) Other gender of ‘woman’ –  Man
2.) A number between one and three –  Two
3.) Opposite of ‘good’  –  Bad
4.) When you are hungry, you should –  Eat
5.) An animal that gives milk  –  Cow
6.) A cunning animal  –  Fox
7.) Opposite of ‘cold’ – Hot
8.) We use this to drink tea, coffee etc.          –
9.) A faithful animal                           –           Dog
10.) The number that comes after five.-          Six
VI.) Animals and birds in the circle
The circle is divided into six parts. In each part, there are letters which are mixed up. You have to rearrange the given letters to make a word. Each word ends with ‘t’ and each of these words is the name of either an animal or a bird. Write the words in the given space. One example is given.

1.) Rabbit
2.) Parrot
3.) Goat
4.) Elephant
5.) Cat
6.) Ant
Match the interjections under column ‘A’ with the expressions under column ‘B’

1.) Hurrah!  We have won the match.
2.) Pooh! What a bad smell!
3.) Alas! He met with an accident.
4.) Bravo! You saved the life a child.
5.) Ah! What a fine weather!
VIII.) Read the following paragraph with your friend and fill in the blanks with the words given in the box that best express the feelings in each case. The first one has been done for you.

Somu is unable to make enough money with his carpentry. So he looks worried. He is unhappy because he cannot fulfill his daily needs with the little money he has. Thinking about his misfortune, he goes to bed. In his dream he is surprised to see an angel. The angel gives him a magic chisel with which he can make furniture with fragrance. He is really happy to receive such a chisel. He feels very excited.
IX.) Develop a story by using the clues given below. Also look at the pictures which will help you complete the story.

Once there lived a wood cutter who was very honest and hard working. One day he was cutting a tree by the river. His axe fell into the river. He prayed to the river goddess. Then the goddess appeared and she showed a golden axe. The wood cutter refused to take it. Then she showed a silver axe, again the wood cutter refused it. Finally she showed the wood cutter’s iron axe which was fallen into the river. The wood cutter accepted it. The river goddess was happy about his honesty. She gave all the three axes to the wood cutter.
X.) Look at the following example and express gratitude in different ways as directed in brackets.
eg.: Your uncle presented a beautiful watch on your birthday. (thanks)
) Uncle, thanks for the beautiful birthday present.
1.) Your friend Irshad helped you by giving his book.(thank you so much)

) Irshad, thank you so much for your kind help.
2.) Your sister Anita has bought a refill for your pen.(thanks a lot)
) Anita, , thanks a lot for the refill for my pen.
3.) Your teacher lent you 100 rupees to pay your examination fee (….really grateful for you for…..)

) Sir, I’m , really grateful for you for giving 100 rupees to pay my examination fee.
4) John ironed your shirt.(many thanks for)
) John, , many thanks for ironing my shirt.
5.) Your friend Suma gave you the book that you forgot to bring home from the class.(so nice of you)
) Oh! I forgot to bring it. That’s so nice of you Suma.
G.) Listening
XI.) Listen to your teacher and as you listen to him/her, complete the following table.

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