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THE HAPPIEST ! - Class 7th Third Language English Textbook Solutions

Answer the following questions :
1) Underline the members of family in the poem.

Answer: Mother, father, uncle, granny, sister.
2) What are they doing?
Answer: Mother is giving love and care, father is showing him how to fare. His granny is telling tales and his uncle is buying him toys.
3) What do you think about this family?

Answer: The family in the poem is happy and gay. They live happily and give each other love and care that is the foundation of a strong family.
A) Comprehension :
I) Here are the names of the members of family under column ‘A’ and the things they give in the poem under column ‘B’, match them.

1.) Mother       –           b. Love
2.) Uncles        –           e. Toys
3.) Granny       –           a. Tales
4.) Brother       –           c. Bike
Answer the following questions:
1) How does your father help you?
2) What do your friends do?
3) How does your sister please you?
4) How do teachers help you?
III. Read the poem once again, answer the questions that follow:
1) The poem is full of happiness, there are three words in the poem which mean the same as ‘happiness’/’to make someone happy’. Pick and write them.

Answer:  1. Joy
2.) Fun
3.) Please
2) There are many rhyming words in the poem. Find them and list them in pairs. One example is given.
eg.: care- fare
fun       – run
night – kite
please – ease
see – me
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