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THE DREAM - Class 7th First Language English Textbook Solutions

1.) Why did the woman ask the guard to report the other man’s answer?

Answer: Woman in her dream was standing in front of two ornamental gates with arches. The gates were looking alike and the arches bore “welcome” signs. Both gates were guarded by two men, one at each gate and they were looking alike. When she went close to them then she heard a body-less voice saying that one of them is a liar. To know which guard is telling the truth and which guard is liar she framed the question and ask the guard to report the other man’s answer.
2.) What were the woman’s last words?

Answer: After the dream the woman was thinking that there was puzzle in her dream, should her share the dream with 7th class students and she chuckled and lay down and went back to sleep. These was her last words. She died that night peacefully in her sleep.
3.) If her question was straight forward this is what would have happened :
Answer: If her question was straight forward then the chances of being told the truth is fifty-fifty.
Complete these conversations :
A.) (The two guards are talking to each other )

G1.) Look, the woman is coming.
G2.) She’ll ask you which is the way to heaven.
G1.) How will she know you lies to her?
G2.) She can’t know that. We look very much same.
G1.) But I think she is capable enough to ferret out the truth from us.
B.) (The woman has walked to the first guard)

Woman : Sir, are you the liar?
The first guard : What ! Who said it?
Woman : The guard.
Guard : No, I’m not.
Woman : How can I believe you? You may be other.
Guard: That’s your problem.
C.) (The woman goes to the second guard)

Woman: Sir, who is the liar, you or him?
Guard: what did he say ?
Woman: He says he is truthful.
Guard: He says that to everyone.
Woman: I’m so confused.
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